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Global Warming Essays

What Is Really Behind the Global Warming Hysteria?

Let us face this fact – almost anything that happens in our everyday world is a result of political and economical factors. The world is ruled by politicians who wish to expand their control over as many spheres of human existence as it is possible and everything that serves as a reason for outrage and hostility of this or that kind is always done because someone needs it.

In the second half of the 20th centuries it was becoming increasingly fashionable to condemn the large industries for polluting the environment, destroying the world we live in and so on. Frightening words like the global warming, the ozone hole, the greenhouse effect that have so far been just vague hypotheses interesting to a half a dozen of scientists around the whole globe turned into the copy-book maxims that everyone knows and is sure about.

The truth is, it is just a theory, supported by questionable data and not supported by a lot of authoritative scientists. The only reason for it to have become one of the most well-known global problems is because it is profitable for somebody, namely – for almost all the governments of the Western World that seek additional power over large industries. It is demonstrative that the Third-World states are rather wary of this theory, because they know that the only way to keep their overpopulated countries in order is to make them develop as fast as possible, and it is impossible if you smother the industry. The Western population, however, has long ago passed this stage and more easily believes those who make promises of pure air, transparent water and healthy food.

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