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GMO Food Essay

Myths about GMO Food

Genetically modified objects (or, in this particular case, food) are living organisms, DNA of which was modified in some way in order to bring about some useful changes (heat or herbicide resistance, for example). In the public conscience, however, GMO have long ago turned into a scarecrow, because the majority of people who, of course, don’t know anything in the field biology, consider them to be dangerous due to different reasons – some beliefs are utterly primitive and include people growing horns and tails due to the modified genes fusing with their own, a bit more sophisticated ones propose other prospects, from infertility to various diseases.

This is, of course, complete nonsense. People have been eating organic food that contains all the genes that modified organisms contain for thousands of years and none of them ever found the way to fuse with our DNA – it is simply antiscientific. And there is absolutely no reason why GMO should be in any way different.

It may be interesting to know that the whole hysteria concerning GMO is a result of competition between firms growing agricultural products. One of them, Monsanto, was the first to start using GMO and had excellent results, leaving its competitors, who didn’t invest in research in this area beforehand, far behind. They took a decision: the best way to deal with a dangerous competitor is to start spreading rumors about terrible consequences of GMO-using. It is as simple as that.

The real danger of GMO lies in a completely different area – being generally almost sterile, they undermine the concept of evolution and selection that have been used in developing agriculture so far.

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