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History Essays

History of Texas

Texas stands out among the majority of other States because it has a history that is unique. Unlike others, it hadn’t been colonized by the British or the Americans in order to naturally turn into the part of the US, but was a province first of Spain and then of Mexico that declared independence from its mother country in 1810. It had been a vast territory, only scarcely populated and constantly suffering from the Indian raids (mostly by Comanche and Kiowa) due to the fact of being a long distance away from the capital of Mexico that has been busy all the time trying to restore any kind of order in the post-revolution times.

This resulted in Texas declaring its own independence and becoming the Republic of Texas after winning the war with Mexico. But then, the situation wasn’t that pleasant for the new country – although President Houston managed to rule the country rather effectively and somehow kept the relationships with the Indians peaceful, his successor, President Lamar, unreasonably started war with the Comanche that was a powerful and numerous tribe at the time.

The results of the war were catastrophic – the Republic was subject to constant raids, several towns were burned to the ground, a lot of people killed, the national debt considerably increased. Reelected President Houston managed to improve the things a little bit, but the fate of the Republic was sealed and in 1845 it agreed to be annexed by the USA.

So, who knows, if the first Texan administrations had been a little more reasonable, maybe there would still be the Republic of Texas on the present-day maps?

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