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How to Find Motivation for Effective Learning?

Learner’s motivation is a cornerstone of the successful learning process. However, despite it being absolutely crucial, it is not easy to achieve, as it is made up of several very important factors.

First, motivation can only be achieved with the help of the careful needs analysis. Consider the reasons why you need to study, put them all down and then choose three which are most important for you personally. For instance, studying because it will make your parents happy is, in general, a decent reason, but it will not boost your motivation level considerably. However, if you need high academic results to impress your girlfriend or boyfriend, the reason can definitely work.

Second, plan your work and invent a reward that you will give yourself on the successful completion of each stage. Thus, you will feel your progress and realize the importance of continuous working process.

Third, create a strong network of supporters. Find a group of people, who are interested in achieving similarly good results in the same sphere and support each other praising and commenting on each other’s achievements in a positive way. You are very unlikely to increase your motivation in learning Italian by talking about it to a friend, who is trying to lose weight and is only interested in fitness. However, if you discuss the learning problems with somebody who is also keen on learning languages, you can not only get some friendly advice and support, but also organize a competition to achieve the aim as soon as possible.

So, your motivation development can actually be confined to three questions: why, how and with whom? By giving the right answers to these questions, you are sure to get the right result.

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