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How to Let off the Steam?

Everything seems to go wrong: there are problems at work, at home, your colleagues seem to be complete idiots who accidentally deleted the files you had been working on all the previous week, your neighbor parked his car in such a way that he managed to destroy your hedge, your kids are driving you mad. You are afraid of yourself, because you realize you have a strong desire to kill somebody! Stop! It means it is time to let off the steam!

Many people suffer from continuous stress, which finally results in a nervous breakdown for one of two reasons: they either deprive themselves of the right to be angry completely or they do not allow themselves to express their aggression being afraid they will hurt their beloved ones.

Here are several simple techniques that can help you unwind after a stressful working day:

  • Take up some sport! Choose something competitive and aggressive, which involves hitting a target. There is a wide range of opportunities to choose from, starting with boxing and finishing with darts. The most important issue here is to practice visualization, so that while doing this activity you can imagine the face of a person who has caused you most stress during the day.
  • Shout out loud! A really nice method to let all you negative emotions and anger out without hurting the feelings of other people. Get out of the city, stop on a highway, get out of the car, breathe in deeply and then shout as loudly as you can until you feel calm and relaxed.
  • Practice a monotonous activity like doing jigsaw puzzles. As soon as you get focused on something very slow, you will feel that your anger becomes more and more weak.

On balance, do not concentrate on anger suppression, as it will bring you no good, but will only make the situation more complicated and hard to overcome.

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