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Red, tired eyes? Vague look? Strange behavior? Sounds like the symptoms of some severe addiction. And if a person whom you know suddenly starts being like this, he or she is definitely addicted, but what is worse, harm and danger of their addiction is not known. They are very likely to have been caught by the web, contaminated with the social networking virus and addicted to the Internet.

Several years ago I experienced the same problem myself. I was working on an interesting project that involved surfing the net a lot at that time. Gradually, I started spending more and more time there, bravely conquering the new technology and enjoying the benefits of all the instant messengers, social networks, forums and chat-rooms. Deep down being a very shy person, I was fascinated by the idea of communication that does not involve a painful stage of initial acquaintance.

As I had to attend my classes, I mainly surfed the net at night and certainly did not get enough sleep. I wanted to sleep all day long, but when I got home, I suffered from insomnia and spent even more time in the net.

In a month my parents and friends started being worried, but I simply did not want to see the problem. Then, one day I got ill: fever accompanied by head-splitting headaches lasted for a week. The doctor who examined me diagnosed nothing but total exhaustion of the nervous system. He asked me about how often I did sports, met my friends and went out, listened carefully and made a prescription. “Follow it if you want to be healthy”, he told me giving a folded sheet of paper.

I got out of the surgery and unfolded the paper. It said: “Get rid of your computer”.

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