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Is a Healthy Baby a Plumpy One?

The ideal image of a baby I used to have in my head was influenced a lot by the classical paintings of the Renaissance: slightly plumpy Cupids smiling playfully. My daughter was born a four kilos Cupid, which was the point her daddy took special pride in.

In three month she was about seven kilos and rocking her became a challenge for me. When in a month she put on another kilo, I started being worried. The doctor did not think it was a problem, however, in order to avoid the potential danger of obesity and bearing in mind that it is strictly forbidden to limit the calories intake during the first year, we worked out a simple three-point action plan to help us.

  1. Feed the baby until he or she wants to eat. Babies love nursing: Mom is close, they feel warm and safe and the process is relaxing. But after observing my daughter, I realized that when she closed her eyes and fell asleep, I could easily leave her to sleep. So, if your baby falls asleep, do not force them to eating again.
  2. Food is nothing else than food. Many parents use food as a reward or a soother, making this harmful practice into a habit. Let us not take into account newborns, when offering a crying baby a breast has the most effect, if not the only way to calm a baby down. But for a six-months-old try singing and rocking first.
  3. Do not be in a hurry with “adult food”. Remember that breast milk is the best source of energy for a baby under 1 year old, introduce new foods, but care more about providing the baby with the variety of tastes.

On balance, these rules are easy to follow and very reasonable. What is more important, they will secure that your baby doesn’t have any eating disorders and lives a happy and active life.

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