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Is There Life after Death?

Until that day when my mobile phone woke me up with its alarm clock, gave me a farewell blink and shut down forever, I could not even imagine how much I depended on that little piece of technology. Immediately a feeling of restlessness overwhelmed my soul. I felt helpless and uneasy as if something important was missing. But I looked bravely into the future… I was determined to survive without it… At least, I was sure I would survive two weekend days until I buy a new one.

I had my breakfast and then it was time for the traditional “call-your-mom” time, but, oops, I could not recollect the phone number to use my home phone. In forty minutes of painful mental attempts to recall it and a dozen of wrong numbers having been dialed, my mom called me herself. “Are you okay?” she said in an anxious voice. “I have been trying to reach you on your mobile, but you are unavailable. I thought you had had an accident or something horrible had happened”. In this way, I found out that nowadays, if your mobile phone is switched off, it is a sure signed of a fatal accident.

After the initial feelings of panic and loneliness disappeared and I stopped being worried about the phone numbers of my friends I could not recollect, I started seeing the advantages of my life without a phone. Nobody disturbed me when I was reading, I did not waste time chatting to people and managed to do an amount of housework I hardly ever did in a week, my boss was unable to reach me and invent some additional tasks for Monday morning. So, now I can firmly assure you that there is life without a mobile phone, and rather a pleasant one.

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