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Leadership Essays Examples

What Makes a Good Leader?

The answer to this question is very simple – there is no answer, for the sheer reason that there is no universal formula for becoming a good leader. There are methods and techniques that can be used only by a certain kind of people – if you have a low and squeaky voice, you will hardly be able to inflame the audience with a rabble-rousing oratory.

There are certain kinds of people that can only be influenced in certain ways – some will only understand who the boss is if you are rude and unceremonious, the others may be either frightened or become dissatisfied with you if you try it with them. Every situation calls for a specific decision; try to work out a universal strategy and you are sure to lose.

Thus, the main quality of a leader is to understand people, their motives, their wishes and fears, their psychological types, what will encourage, frighten, break and make this or that person indignant. Only if you can do all of this you may be called a leader.

Another very important aspect is the ability to delegate power and responsibility. No matter what an excellent leader you are, you cannot be excellent in every area of action and knowledge you encounter; or you may simply do not have enough time to manage to do everything. In these cases you will need somebody who is proficient in a given sphere and whom you may trust – the choice and the ability to attract such people is another indispensable quality of a good leader.

It is, of course, not everything, but these points I consider to be the most crucial.

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