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Leadership Essays

Concept of Leadership in Modern World

Leaders have existed and have been important at all periods of time, but only in modern period did people start to treat this problem methodically and scientifically. In most cases, however, the results leave much to be desired, because some kind of leadership education will never make an outstanding leader out of somebody who hasn’t got natural predisposition towards it. Somebody may say that leaders are made, not born. It is so, to a certain extent. But in order to make a leader you should have correct material first.

As the human history shows, no direct efforts ever managed to make a leader out of inappropriate material. Heirs of thrones have always been surrounded by the best tutors that could have been found in the respective country and received the best education that was possible at the moment. But, unless an heir had at least some talent, all these efforts were in vain. And on the contrary, the born leaders always managed to rise from the very bottom, no matter how unpleasant their situation was: Genghis Khan, Hitler, Alexander the Great, Abraham Lincoln – no matter what our evaluation of the deeds of every of them is, they were all great leaders and all had worked against incredible odds. And they won.

I do not mean that leadership education is pointless. Yes, you can train a good leader even out of a person who has no specific abilities in this sphere, but he will never be an excellent leader. It is the same as it is with writers, artists, composers and so on. Some people can learn to do something. Some just can’t.

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