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Learning and Teaching Creatively

What does successful learning-teaching process depend on? This is the fundamental question of education, which is debated by hundreds of educational professionals all over the world. Despite these numerous debates, the answer to the question is relatively simple.

Learning and teaching process is an activity, and as any activity it is made up by certain components, such as setting the goal, identifying the tasks, methods and means of their solution. Another important issue is motivation, which in education can be confined to two parallel trends. On the one hand, motivation is achieved by the learner being focused on the result. On the other hand, the learning-teaching process must be interesting itself, as it takes a long time to achieve a certain outcome in education. So, the more interesting the process is, the more eager the learner is to be involved in it. Therefore, creative approach to education becomes of utmost importance. It presupposes unusual choice options, a certain level of flexibility and, what is absolutely crucial, an individual discovery.

In order to organize an educational process creatively, a teacher must provide students with an opportunity to choose certain methods of teaching as well as some of the topics. This will make students share their teacher’s responsibility for the final outcome of their studies.

Another important point is not to limit students’ eagerness to work out their way of studying themselves, but to guide them carefully through the educational process by creating the conditions, in which they are bound to come to the correct conclusion, discover the rules and acquire the necessary skills. This approach provides the necessary degree of independence.

Creativity is the key point in encouraging inspiration and it is clearly worth all efforts. And trying to teach your students without being inspiring is like hammering on cold iron.

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