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Learning Without Assessment

The most desirable dream of any student is learning without any marks and grades and preferably without any assessment at all. An ideal educational process! Imagine that you as a student do not have to learn, sit exams and prepare for your classes. You are free to choose if you really want to learn this or that topic or you are sure you will live happily without it. Sounds really impressive!

However, the perfect picture definitely has its drawbacks. It is a part of the human nature to feel the need to be praised, recognized and positively evaluated especially by those people whom we respect and trust. That is why ideally teachers should become for their students a means of self-evaluation of the skills and knowledge acquired in the process of learning. It can help to develop an award-winning learning strategy and facilitate the future professional development of the student. If there is no assessment, there are also no guidelines of where to go and what to do on the way of acquiring new knowledge. So, doesn’t it mean that any student needs assessment?

In my opinion, assessment is vital for successful education. However, the assessment procedures must be changed considerably. Unfortunately, in many universities and colleges they are more aimed at frightening students and guiding them through the difficulties of the learning process. If you fail your exam, you lose an opportunity to learn further. It seems to be effective, but in reality it is not, as the only result of such conditions will be the fact that students try to cram as much knowledge into their heads as possible before the exam, relying on their short-term memory, get a positive result and forget everything they have learnt right after they have received grades.

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