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Is It Possible for a Human Being to Know His Purpose in Life?

I have a strong suspicion that every human being that lives, had ever lived and will ever live has a particular purpose, or mission, in life. The problem is not in the fact that there is no such thing, but in the fact that one has to understand what it is before he can make any steps towards fulfilling it.

Some people find it, or simply guess their mission correctly – they manage to define precisely what it is that they are best at, what is the sphere in which nobody can equal them. Usually, their names become well and widely known for the sheer fact of scarcity of such people.

Some people think that they have found their mission and obstinately follow the chosen way – but they have guessed wrongly, and go on doing something they haven’t been cut out for. These people become known to us as various kinds of amateur writers, artists, architects, who consider themselves to have genius of some kind, while it is absolutely clear for everybody else that they have none.

But the vast majority of people have no idea of mission, purpose and goal. They simply live their lives without getting into all this highbrow material. But no human being can ever achieve true success without understanding this little something – the purpose he has been created for. It is precisely the situation in which when to begin means to do half of the work. If you manage to find out what it is that you are best at, you have already succeeded in your life, for there will be no stopping you in future.

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