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Literature Essay on Huxley’s First Novel

Aldous Huxley is most known for such his works as Brave New World and Point Counter Point that have been written when he had already been quite a well-known writer with good reputation, and was expected to write books of high quality; unfortunately, it led to his earlier novels, for instance, Crome Yellow, falling into obscurity, although they by no means deserve it.

Crome Yellow, in my personal opinion, is one of the best works of fiction written by Huxley, if not the best one. Being devoid of any significant centralizing plotline, it is instead devoted to description of a number of highly eccentric characters parodying the typical representatives of British intellectuals in the first half of the 20th century. There is, for example, an amateur historian who writes the history of his manor, knows much more about the way his ancestors kept their houses than he does and from time to time reads excerpts from his book about the bizarre antics of former dweller of the house; a young girl who understands the ideas of Dr. Freud all too literally; a slightly deranged priest hoping for the Apocalypse to come soon and a number of others.

The most interesting thing about Crome Yellow is the fact that it in many ways anticipated most of the later Huxley’s works. For example, prophesies of one of the characters concerning the future of society have striking resemblance with Brave New World, and, ironically, a number of ideas he makes fun of he later quite seriously supported in his final book, Island.

In general, this book is a treasure for everyone who likes good English and peculiar characters.

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