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Literature Essay on Writer That Has Special Meaning for Me

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that C.S. Lewis is for me what one calls a “special author”, the one that has considerably influenced my opinion about a number of important things. Not just a favorite author, but exactly a special one.

Most people know him as the author of The Chronicles of Narnia that have been greatly popularized by the appearance of screen versions of some of them, but they, in fact, were a small and not the most fascinating part of his literary work. Lewis is also the author of several sci-fi novels, also dedicated to Christianity, a number of works in linguistics, poetry, novel-parables, several large theological treatises, innumerable essays and –I consider this work of his to be the most important – a novel Till We Have Faces.

All of his texts are in this or that way devoted to Christianity – from direct research and apologetics to using it as an underlying message of a novel or basing the plot on some of its aspects. And it is, in general, true that his works were the first to teach me something about the real faith and not shallow superstitions that are so common for the public consciousness.

Lewis made me think about a lot of things I have never thought of before, such as life, death, existence, deeper relationships between people, love, hate and so on. I was fortunate to first encounter his books when I was a teenager and had plenty of time to digest what I have consumed. And I still think that in a lot of senses his works helped to form my personality as it is now.

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