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Literature Research Paper on Heroic Code of Beowulf

Main Themes and Motifs in Heroic Code of Beowulf

The traditional for English literature genre of heroic poetry was first brought to England by Danish invaders in the mid-sixth century. Bards, passed the literature and history of the Danish Tribes from mouth to mouth. Heroic Code of Beowulf was probably written in the early eighth century. The authors’ goal was to underline the difference between Christian England and pagan tribes, with their habits and traditions. Read more »

Literature Essay on Underestimated Authors

Some authors are immediately accepted after a certain work of theirs; the others become famous only after death. Does it mean that all the rest don’t deserve anything more than fleeting attention? Not exactly. There is always a number of writers that didn’t manage to write right books at the right time and ended up in obscurity, rather than becoming famous or at least well-known. The examples of such writing appear both in serious and light literatures: it has little to do with the overall people’s taste.

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Literature Essay on Writer That Has Special Meaning for Me

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that C.S. Lewis is for me what one calls a “special author”, the one that has considerably influenced my opinion about a number of important things. Not just a favorite author, but exactly a special one.

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Literature Essay on the Most Fascinating Literary Villain

I think, I wouldn’t be very original if I say that the image of a villain that has impressed me more than the majority of other literary images of this kind is the infamous Lord Vetinari from Pratchett’s Discworld series, even though he does not technically belong to that category. Nevertheless, he can hardly be called a positive character.

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Literature Essay on The Flying Inn by Gilbert Keith Chesterton

Gilbert Keith Chesterton is generally known as the author of a long series of philosophical detective stories about Father Brown; and, although these stories have a very distinct Christian subtext, they are still not the major work of this essayist, theologian and novelist. It is in his novels where he manages to express his ideas best – brilliantly and in an extremely fascinating and slightly mad way.nopsis the plot may seem incoherent, it makes much more sense in the way Chesterton presents it, inters

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Literature Essay on Huxley’s First Novel

Aldous Huxley is most known for such his works as Brave New World and Point Counter Point that have been written when he had already been quite a well-known writer with good reputation, and was expected to write books of high quality; unfortunately, it led to his earlier novels, for instance, Crome Yellow, falling into obscurity, although they by no means deserve it.

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