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10 Thoughtful Essays about Love and Life

Essay on Love – Love as the Motive Power Behind People’s Actions

Of course it would be an exaggeration to say that the entire history of humankind is determined by love, but one cannot deny that it plays quite an important role in the affairs of men. And here I am not speaking about such humdrum examples as Helen of Troy, passion that overwhelms reason, etc. For one thing, love in its romantic sense is not the only kind of love in existence. Love for a member of a family, for one’s work, for an enterprise created and moved about by your sole effort is love as well, although of somewhat different kind. Second, its another and more important influence is caused indirectly.

I mean that not a single decision taken under the influence of love as a feeling serves best to prove that love may play important part in our lives, but the whole line of action a person takes. Love is an excellent motivator to make an effort or efforts – when a person does not limit his estimate of all the alternative actions he may do under the circumstances by how he will feel after it and starts worrying about how the loved one is going to think about it, he strives to choose the line of action that he considers to be the best. Nothing can prove to be better to improve a person than love, for it is the only situation in which a human tries to look at himself from outside and be satisfied with what he sees.

Love is the feeling that finds most problems with expressing itself directly. Being sublimated, it leads to all kinds of surprising results in a lot of other spheres.

Essays about Love – Should Love Be Tough?

For a lot of people the idea of hurting those whom they love sounds terrible; after all, how can one cause pain to somebody whom he considers to be the most important person in his life? But is it truly such an unthinkable thing as it is often stated?

I think that this idea has the root in the situation that has once been described by John Paul II: “Happiness nowadays is considered to be the sum of pleasures”. According to this maxim, the more pleasure the object of love feels, the better. But is it always right to let him or her feel pleasure? Aren’t there situations when it is necessary to take him by the scruff of the neck, shake up, shout in his ear to wake up, to come to action, to stop being an idiot, to think about himself. When we see that somebody we love does something extremely harmful, yet extremely pleasant for himself (simple example – uses drugs), should we shrug and say “I love him, therefore, I should let him have his pleasure”, or should we try and do something visibly harsh, but beneficial in the long run? I think that the latter alternative is better.

There are situations which call for action, and cruel action, in order to ensure that everything will be alright with the one we deal with. It is the age-old principle “Spare the rod – spoil the child”, but applied to people in general. Kindness does not always serve as a solution for any problem in human relationships. In some cases, love not only can, it simply must be tough.

Love Essay – What Is True Love and Does It Exist at All?

True love is like a ghost – everybody speaks about it, but nobody has ever seen it” – this French proverb reflects the attitude towards this feeling that is shared by more cynical individuals, but, in fact, has rather little sense of its own. The reason for it is simple – not only nobody has ever seen true love, but nobody actually can define it in a way that would be supported by at least a couple of people besides himself.

I do not suppose that I can give an explanation of this term. After all, philosophers and poets have been beating their brains over it for as long as the philosophy and poetry exist. But at least, I can give my own idea of what this term means.

True love – irrespectively for whom this love is – must be the highest possible positive attitude one person may have towards another. It doesn’t matter whether it is love of a man towards woman, of a mother towards her child, of a person towards his or her friend. Yet, it must have some general qualities that would be acceptable for all these situations.

Thus, in my opinion, the true love is such an attitude towards something that is based on the will of this person to receive some ultimate good. It is not tenderness. It always looks at its object and judges what action that will bring this object the greatest benefit is. If procuring the ultimate good in the long run means hurting the object right now, then it is justified. That is why I consider true love to be tough love.

Essay on Best Friend – What Is the Best Friend?

Friendship is a concept that is familiar to everyone; almost any person may point at someone and say that it is his or her best friend. But the meaning put into this word may be very different. Somebody may remember a well-known proverb “a friend in need is a friend indeed” and point out that the best friend is a person that will come to your aid at any moment without asking questions and won’t ask for anything in return. But is it really the most important point in this kind of relationship?

I think, no. If you consider immediate help to be the most important element of friendship, then you may just as well consider the 911-service members to be your best friends, because they do generally come to your aid when you are in trouble. But what is the thing that makes them different from your real best friend?

And this thing, I suppose, is nothing else but common interests, or common obsession, or common work. Friends are not actually very interested in each other; what they are mostly interested in is something they do (know, discuss, love) together. It may be anything – from playing videogames to discussing ancient Greek philosophy, but friends are interested in each other as long as they are, well, interesting to each other. The best friend may, of course, help you when you get into trouble, but, let us be honest, it is not his main function. He will do it for the sheer reason that it interferes with such an interesting relationship, will try to get rid of the problem as soon as it is possible and get back to your common work.

Life Essays – Is It Possible for a Human Being to Know His Purpose in Life?

I have a strong suspicion that every human being that lives, had ever lived and will ever live has a particular purpose, or mission, in life. The problem is not in the fact that there is no such thing, but in the fact that one has to understand what it is before he can make any steps towards fulfilling it.

Some people find it, or simply guess their mission correctly – they manage to define precisely what it is that they are best at, what is the sphere in which nobody can equal them. Usually, their names become well and widely known for the sheer fact of scarcity of such people.

Some people think that they have found their mission and obstinately follow the chosen way – but they have guessed wrongly, and go on doing something they haven’t been cut out for. These people become known to us as various kinds of amateur writers, artists, architects, who consider themselves to have genius of some kind, while it is absolutely clear for everybody else that they have none.

But the vast majority of people have no idea of mission, purpose and goal. They simply live their lives without getting into all this highbrow material. But no human being can ever achieve true success without understanding this little something – the purpose he has been created for. It is precisely the situation in which when to begin means to do half of the work. If you manage to find out what it is that you are best at, you have already succeeded in your life, for there will be no stopping you in future.

Essay about Me – My Personal Statement

Since my earliest childhood I was always fascinated by the idea of knowing how everything is constructed and why things happen this way and none other. At different periods of time this fascination took different forms: from reading a lot of books that were not exactly supposed to be read by children (encyclopedias, medical reference books, popular science magazines) in my earliest years, to being obsessed with chemistry at school. Finally, this very idea served as the foundation of my decision of what career to pursue and made me to apply to a college accordingly.

At the present moment I study at Oakburg Community College, majoring in Theoretical Physics. In this discipline I have found what I have always looked for – the way to really see how the things function, what makes them tick, of what they consist and why. At first, I had a number of problems, because I never was very much interested in Physics while at high school, but my own dedication to perfect in these studies and the support of my family made it possible for me to overcome all the difficulties and get all the necessary good grades. At the present moment I am through my fourth semester here and see no obstacles to finishing the course and achieving the first of my long-term goals – that is, to get Associate’s Degree in Theoretical Physics.

Outside studies, I try to be as multilateral person as it is possible without wasting my energy. I read a lot of books, both scientific and fiction, go in for sports and lead a social life to a certain degree, although I dedicate most of my time to studying.

Sample Essay about Life – Your Life Is Built by Yourself

When people speak about someone who seems to be getting everything too easy, they usually say that he got lucky – either he was born in a rich family, or was fortunate enough to use some circumstances to his advantage, or something else of this kind. The truth is, however, that the person’s environment in life, either in the beginning or in its course, is not everything.

If a person has enough will to work, self-improve, succeed, he will overcome all the hardships and emerge victorious. In fact, the majority of really successful people have literally made their way up from the gutters. I think it is because they understand early enough that in order to succeed, they have to drag themselves up without hoping for anyone’s help. While people around them sigh about their hard life and give up, they fight and win.

The reason why people are so eager to say that successful people are either lucky or swindlers or both, is the fact that it is much, much simpler than to get a grip on themselves and set about to some real work. It is easier to sit around and complain, than to change one’s situation so that there is no longer need to complain.

That is the thing every person who wants to be successful should learn: nobody is going to help you. Nobody is obliged to help you. Nobody is guilty of your problems but yourself, and nobody is going to get rid of them but you. Until you stop waiting for others to help you, you are not going to achieve anything in this world.

An Essay about Life – Life of Man Is in His Own Hands

Throughout history the concept of fate had been very popular among people of various countries, nations, epochs and races. Ancient Greeks thought that even gods did not have power over Fate and should succumb to it, Indians from their very birth belong to this or that caste and their life is determined by it from the start up to the end, Chinese believe in a proper way for every human being. In less radical form similar ideas exist in public consciousness of all the nations.

But does it mean that, this assumption being so universal, it is true and should be trusted? Is the human’s way in life really determined by some force outside him and all he is capable of doing is to obey to it?

I think, no. As we can judge from history, Christianity, the first and the only religion and ideology that proclaimed that every person has his or her own free will and takes every decision by himself, led to the appearance of the culture that has expanded all over the world and dictates its laws to others, much more ancient ones. Is it a coincidence?

I think, no. The idea that life is in a person’s own hands bred such a powerful culture that managed to win the world when the older ones continued to meditate upon themselves must be quite demonstrative. And what is true for the culture is surely true for a single human. The only thing one has to do to change his life is to believe it to be his own.

Roads We Do Not Choose

When I met him, I was in the middle of an extremely traumatic relationship and balancing a very thin borderline between common sense and insanity, love to my boyfriend and equally strong hatred. I was tired, confused, physically ill and emotionally devastated. But for some strange reason he liked me. As for me, not only did I like him, but I was mesmerized by the idea of strength and stability, the tempting vision of the safe harbor. But for some strange reason, instead of choosing the road that would lead me to a stable mature relationship, I turned the other way and one day simply disappeared from his life.

Two years passed: I finally split up with my partner after a total collapse of our family life, I changed my job and religion, I became a vegetarian, dyed my hair and had a brand new haircut. And all this time I was thinking about the reasons why we tend to choose the most difficult and painful roads to go, but do not choose those that are most likely to lead us to happiness.

One day we met again. It was a strange coincidence, a jigsaw puzzle of destiny that made us come together again. I remember standing, staring at my shoes and being too embarrassed to look into his eyes. But when I finally did, I knew the answer to my question: the roads we do not choose are an opportunity to learn the difference as we only know what we need when we have something to compare with. Now I have the only one point which is not clear to me: is there a chance to get back to the missed turn?

Romeo and Juliet Essay – Romeo and Juliet – Love or Infatuation?

The image of Romeo and Juliet is generally considered to be an iconic symbol of everlasting, pure, powerful love. However, it often strikes me that a lot of people who use it in this meaning have never read or watched the actual Shakespeare’s play, for when I did it and tried to analyze the presented situation logically, I came to quite different conclusions.

People praising the purity of love between Romeo and Juliet seem to overlook the existence of another character in the play, which, although remaining unseen, is very important for understanding of the big picture. I am speaking, of course, of Rosaline, the girl Romeo was “in love with” before he met Juliet (the very ball he first saw Juliet was visited by him for the sheer reason Rosaline was going to be there) and immediately forgot about her afterwards.

Some critics say that his love for Rosaline is in fact infatuation, while his feelings for Juliet are genuine – but why is it so? On what grounds is this conclusion based? We are speaking here about an extremely unstable teenager who forgets about a girl the moment he sees another one whom he considers to be a little prettier. It may sound coarsely, but, romantic details aside, it is what it is. Who knows, maybe he would have forgotten Juliet in the same way, if given a chance?

That is why, I don’t see any reasons to consider the feelings of Romeo towards Juliet as anything but simple and yet another infatuation. After all, we all know that any love has an end; except for the one we are feeling right now.

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