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Love Essay

What Is True Love and Does It Exist at All?

True love is like a ghost – everybody speaks about it, but nobody has ever seen it” – this French proverb reflects the attitude towards this feeling that is shared by more cynical individuals, but, in fact, has rather little sense of its own. The reason for it is simple – not only nobody has ever seen true love, but nobody actually can define it in a way that would be supported by at least a couple of people besides himself.

I do not suppose that I can give an explanation of this term. After all, philosophers and poets have been beating their brains over it for as long as the philosophy and poetry exist. But at least, I can give my own idea of what this term means.

True love – irrespectively for whom this love is – must be the highest possible positive attitude one person may have towards another. It doesn’t matter whether it is love of a man towards woman, of a mother towards her child, of a person towards his or her friend. Yet, it must have some general qualities that would be acceptable for all these situations.

Thus, in my opinion, the true love is such an attitude towards something that is based on the will of this person to receive some ultimate good. It is not tenderness. It always looks at its object and judges what action that will bring this object the greatest benefit is. If procuring the ultimate good in the long run means hurting the object right now, then it is justified. That is why I consider true love to be tough love.

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