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Mommy, I Wanna Touch It!

Your little baby is learning so much about this big world through contact (or tactual) sensations and that is why it is so important to develop them correctly. For a baby who is born with imperfect eyesight, the ability to touch and feel becomes the main way of obtaining the information about the surrounding world.

When you kiss or tenderly stroke your baby, you feel immense joy and happiness. Psychologists think that the little one has the same sensations. The contact with the dearest people, the parents, is what makes the little person smile – first instinctively, and then consciously. The first time your baby touches your face, he or she is governed by instinct; then, he touches his mother’s face, neck, arms, breast with his little fingers because he is learning how his mom feels. Then, the baby makes another important discovery: his dad feels very different from his mom. Doctors recommend commenting on every baby’s touch saying “This is a nose – we can smell with it”, “These are the eyes – we can see with them”, etc. Such words and actions stimulate mental activity of the baby.

The more developed the fingers are, the better the speech centers of the human brain work. If you try to stimulate the contact sensations of your baby by giving him objects with different texture, pieces of different fabrics, paper, wood, metal, his coordination, attention, concentration span, thinking abilities, imagination, visual and kinesthetic memory will increase dramatically.

Babies learn fast and every day brings new discoveries and achievements. So, it is important to help them and create the atmosphere which will give them plenty of learning opportunities. Your role as parents is to guide them through the process encouraging the interest.

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