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Mother Civilization?

Oh, how very nice! My car broke down in the middle of nowhere. I switched on the hazard warning lights and got out. A dark, empty highway without even a trace of presence of a human being: no gas stations, no road cafes, no little towns… Nothing! I started feeling a bit panicky. I reached my mobile only to get to know that the connection was currently unavailable. I felt sick. What should I do? Where should I go?

It was a desert and I was sure that it was not exactly the place people go by every three minutes. Suddenly, I remembered me listening to my grandfather’s stories about how he managed to survive in different extreme conditions when he was in the army. I recollected how I asked him a question about how he knew what to do. And he answered: “Believe me, Mother Nature knows best, it is in your instincts!”

I listened to my instincts carefully. They were dead silent. Mother Nature? I was sure that my Mother was called Civilization… And this was the point when I realized how insecure I felt without my mobile, my laptop, wireless Internet connection, any bit of information about a possible service I need at my fingertips. I knew the most reasonable thing to do was to pray. By the time I was finally saved by a kind gentleman who agreed to help and towed my car to the nearest garage which turned out to be three hundred miles away, I had been praying for five hours and had almost reached the ahwal. Can you guess the first thing I did when I got home? I signed up for a survival course in the Amazon rainforest.

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