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Music Essay

Music as Integral Part of Our Life

Music is one of the most ancient kinds of art, and simultaneously one of the most mysterious. What makes this or that composition of sounds pleasant for a human ear? Why this set of sounds can be considered music and this one – not? Why different people like different kinds of music, to an extent of actively disliking one of its types and loving another?

We don’t know how long ago did music appear, but it was most likely at the dawn of history, and we have absolutely no idea of what this ancient music was like and with the help of which instruments it was performed.

Music has always occupied a special position in human culture. Some say it is because of it being the closest to the person’s subconscious. Friedrich Nietzsche considered it to be lying in the basis of Dionysian philosophy; modern psychiatrists and other doctors consider it to be beneficial in treatment of diseases and some recent research implies that music’s positive influence is not limited to people. Some animals seem to be responding to it as well.

In fact, music possesses a high level of symbolism, being an integral part of many ceremonies. For example, it is generally considered that every country is supposed to have a certain set of symbols, and one of them is its unique anthem.

All in all, it is hard to argue with the statement that music is an integral part of our life. It has so long ago entered it that it is next to impossible to imagine how everything looks and feels like without it.

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