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My School Essay

My Attitude Towards School

I think I wouldn’t be alone if I confess that during my school years I hated the place where I had to study. Or, I suppose, not the place itself, but the system it was based on, for none of the three schools I managed to study at felt very much different.

The first thing that always annoyed me was the composition of the class. It always consisted of a couple of really bright students, a wide variety from weak to strong ones and always at least one or two for whom I couldn’t find a better word than imbeciles. Now, imagine how a lesson in such a class could go – bright students have already done everything and rest, doing nothing; the majority works everything out rather smoothly and then they all have to wait for those few who still don’t understand anything or pretend not to understand – just for fun. As a result, during your average lesson only about 10% of what can be done is actually accomplished. And, as far as I know, this method of staffing classes is used on purpose, although it is hard to even imagine any logic behind that.

I also disliked the fact that I had to waste tremendous amounts of time on things I quite clearly understood I would never need. Algebra, Astronomy, Biology, Physics – what a clear and definite humanitarian may need all this for? And, of course, the day I passed my finals I have happily forgotten everything I learned in these disciplines.

My attitude may be personal, but still I think it…

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