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Nursing Essay

Nursing as a Career Choice

For the last two decades the interest in nursing as a profession and an overall career choice has been gradually reducing, and there is no much possibility for a change in the years to come. There are a number of reasons behind it.

First of all, nursing has always been considered as rather an unprivileged job without the possibility of career advancement and always accompanied with a variety of rather unpleasant duties. Being traditionally occupied by women, this profession suffered constant reduction of willing employees, as more and more women started to look for less traditional, but more profitable options.

This situation has certain effects on the whole medical industry, for both hospitals has to meet with difficulties when looking for the qualified staff and the nurses, although generally getting better salaries, become overburdened with work.

This situation also led to certain changes in the job itself. The lack of nurses has required introduction of more professional employees who can work better and be responsible for a wider variety of activities. At the present moment the position of a nurse can hardly be still considered to be underprivileged, for it requires considerable education and is generally paid better than it was the case 10-15 years ago.

It is also considered more seriously and offers some space for personal and career development, for the salaries of common nurses and high-ranking ones differ rather considerably. So, perhaps now it is the best time to choose this very career if you have inclination to do so, for in the years to come the demand for representatives of this profession is going to get even bigger.

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