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Nursing Essays

Nursing Practice as the Way to Obtain Medical Experience

Many people tend to treat medical nurses with a certain degree of disdain, as a kind of medical dogbodies whose only function is to change bed sheets, wash the bed-ridden patients, move them about and, in general, be responsible for all the kinds of dirty work real doctors have no time for. Reality, however, is somewhat different, at least nowadays.

While all the above-mentioned activities really do fall within the usual scope of nurses’ responsibilities, they are not confined with them and, what is more important, nurses differ among themselves to the same degree that an unskilled, fresh from the college, doctor differs from a specialist with many years of experience under his belt and a world-famous authority in a certain sphere of medicine.

Head nurse is still a nurse, but her range of responsibilities, as well as the experience, knowledge and, of course, salary, are nothing near those of a regular nurse, so there is no need to consider nursing to be a vocation choice for losers who don’t have enough wits to become actual doctors. It is a career and, just like any other career, it offers a certain space for development. Whether a person can manage to move higher or not is his and only his responsibility.

Moreover, modern world has accepted a very responsible approach to the education of nurses. Nowadays it is not enough to pass short course and become one – you have to undergo serious education that lasts for several years, and only then you will manage to become a nurse. Rest assured, it is as serious vocation choice as any other.

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