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Higher Education Essay

Higher Education as an Obstacle to Success

A lot is said on the importance of higher education, on its overall low quality and how much it influences the life of those who receive it. In my opinion, based on my own experience, the main impact it has on a person’s life is the necessity to spend several years on the activity that nobody needs and getting knowledge that will never come in handy. The only thing that can be taught in college is how to teach in college, the only people who may need this knowledge – prospective professors. And, possibly, people who wish to dedicate their lives to science, but certainly not the people who are going to do any practical work.

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Drugs Essay

Why Drugs Cause So Much Harm?

Drug abuse is considered to be a very delicate topic and there is a point of view that everyone is supposed to support it with all the others being indecent in the very least. I, however, want to present a few ideas that seem not to occur to the majority of people.

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Descriptive Essay Sample

My First Visit to the Mountains

Very often you may hear people saying how much they love mountains, the scenery there, the power of sheer cliffs, the purity of air and so on and so forth. Very often, however, it turns out that they love mountains “in absentia”, by default, because one is supposed to, and limit their knowledge of them by admiring the high-quality photos. As for me, I won’t even say that I love mountains; I only state that visiting them in flesh provides quite a unique experience that is worth obtaining for everyone.

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Death Penalty Essay

Is Death Penalty Acceptable?

The death penalty is one of the most controversial topics of the modern world, and rightly so. While it has been abolished in the majority of Western states and in some of the states of the USA, it is still widely used in Asia, Middle East and Africa. Some states of the USA also use it, but here it is accompanied with so much legal procedure that condemned prisoners spend years and decades on the death row and quite often die before getting to the execution. And, of course, there are always activists who want it restored – either in general, or for some particular case. Movements in support of the capital punishment usually appear after some particularly vicious crime happens.

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Death Essay

Facing the Fact That Death Is Inevitable

Modern people tend to treat their predecessors with a degree of condescension if not disdain, considering all who have lived before them to be in some ways inferior to them. Sometimes it is justified, sometimes it is not. And one of the spheres in which it is not always justified is the general attitude towards death.

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Conflict Essay

Inevitability of Conflict at the Work-Place

Wherever more than one person are working together, there inevitably sooner or later will arise a situation that will lead to a conflict between some or all the people involved – it is the truth of life. There are no completely monolithic work-groups; for there are no identical people and, consequently, no two people will ever have the same opinions on everything.

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Comparison Essay on the Difference Between Good and Great Books

Difference Between Good and Great Books

The difference between a good and a great book is a delicate and peculiar one. It cannot be defined by the quality of people who read it – a third-rate detective story will most likely find greater audience than a profound philosophical novel. It cannot be judged by the ideas presented in it – there is more than one example when book stating to address the most important issues of existence are completely unnoticed. It is not about the language – excellent writing skills do not guarantee greatness of the book.

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Communication Essay

Role of New Communications in Our World

In the ages past, the world of every single human being, with rare exceptions, has been limited to a town he lived in, and some space around it. Everything beside it has been unknown, unknowable and almost mythical.

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Best Friend Essay

Who Is Your Best Friend?

Whom do you consider to be your best friend and why? Is it somebody with whom you have spent the most of your life? Or maybe it is someone with whom you share your most important interests? Your spouse? One of your parents? Your dog, after all? Whoever it is, the best friend is a very special person in the life of everyone. It is someone who is always ready to come to help you, someone who understands you and doesn’t ask questions when you don’t want to. Someone to whom you may confess the thing you cannot tell anyone else. In short, someone whom you may trust whole-heartedly.

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An Essay about Life

Life of Man Is in His Own Hands

Throughout history the concept of fate had been very popular among people of various countries, nations, epochs and races. Ancient Greeks thought that even gods did not have power over Fate and should succumb to it, Indians from their very birth belong to this or that caste and their life is determined by it from the start up to the end, Chinese believe in a proper way for every human being. In less radical form similar ideas exist in public consciousness of all the nations. Read more »

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