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Sample Persuasive Speech on Alcohol as a Means to Enhance Creativity

Everybody knows that alcohol has a negative effect on human organism. Alcohol abuse can result in a number of very serious disorders starting with kidneys and liver problems and finishing with the nervous exhaustion. Every one hundred grams of spirits can kill about forty thousand neurons in a human brain. Even such a little amount of alcohol can cause aggressive behavior. All these negative factors are widely known. However, alcohol can have a positive effect too, as it possesses an important quality of enhancing creativity.

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Teaching Ethics

Although a career in teaching can be extremely rewarding and enjoyable, it is a demanding professional activity, which cannot be confined to the deep knowledge of the subject and teaching methodology. It requires a whole range of important personal qualities and a proper mode of behavior, which makes teaching ethics a necessary prerequisite.

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Rules That Make Our Life Easier

If you try to consider your learning experience, you will be surprised to realize that you have almost never been satisfied with the relationship between the teacher in the class room and you as a student. The classes are likely to have been either too boring, being confined to dull lecturing on the topic of the class, or too funny with much laughter, jokes and pleasant deviations from the topic, but of very little actual educational value. So, where is the happy medium and what is the key to a successful learning-teaching process?

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Revising Is Easy

Your end of term exams is looming on the horizon and you realize that soon you will feel tired, sleepy and stressed out all the time. Why? Because you are supposed to start revising in order to achieve good results.

This is often taken as a hard and dry rule of the end-of-term exam fever: if you are dead tired and panic-stricken, you work hard and will pass your exams. However, this idea is just a silly stereotype. Moreover, it is untrue and harmful for your health. If you want to revise for your exams efficiently, follow these simple rules and you are sure to succeed.

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Learning Without Assessment

The most desirable dream of any student is learning without any marks and grades and preferably without any assessment at all. An ideal educational process! Imagine that you as a student do not have to learn, sit exams and prepare for your classes. You are free to choose if you really want to learn this or that topic or you are sure you will live happily without it. Sounds really impressive!

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Learning and Teaching Creatively

What does successful learning-teaching process depend on? This is the fundamental question of education, which is debated by hundreds of educational professionals all over the world. Despite these numerous debates, the answer to the question is relatively simple.

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Five Roles of a Teacher

We all had teachers at school whom we loved and whom we hated. However, as children we seldom reflected on why it happened, being guided by the holistic approach adherent to the young age. Growing older, we usually become more interested in the reasons. When I tried to answer the question what my positive attitude depended on, I realized that it was mainly determined by the way teachers managed to combine different roles in the classroom. So, here are the roles:

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Choosing the Right Path

Each year hundreds of school-leavers face a dilemma of what university or college to choose. They study the ratings and facts, files on the web, analyze the information and meet career advisers. Very often they feel tired and upset with the constant feeling of anxiety and fear of the future. However, the choice of the future education and career is not that difficult if we try to consider several simple points.

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Being a Good Teacher

When I decided to become a teacher, my choice caused a lot of raised eyebrows. To say that my parents and friends were surprised means to put it in a very mild way. The matter is that I have always been a very apt student with a huge learning potential, but with a significant complication: I was considered by my teachers to be bad-tempered, noisy and difficult to deal with, while I considered them to be boring, mediocre and very often unprofessional. So, my career path choice seemed really very strange. When my father asked me about the reasons, I simply explained that I wanted to be a good teacher.

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All I Need Is Good Students

Sooner or later any education professional faces a question crucial for the successful development of his or her career: why does it happen that I can feel free and work effectively with some groups of students, and at the same time I am totally unable to cope with a different group? Does it depend on how good the students are? Then who are the good students for me?

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