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When Your Baby Is Crying

When I was expecting my daughter, I often imagined what it would be like to spend time with her. In my ideal imaginary world, I would hold her in my arms and caress her happily and she would always smile to me contently and happily. But soon after she was born, it came as a revelation to me: babies cry! The first time I watched her little face wrinkling, sweet little mouth opening and the loudest scream I had ever heard being produced, I thought: “Oh! My! God! She is crying! What shall I do?” I felt like an idiot. It seemed to me that I was the only mother on the planet who could not take care of her own child. Luckily, soon I found out that all mothers feel exactly the same.

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When Mom Goes to Work

Very few women living in the modern society nowadays stay with their kids at home. A certain period of time passes and a mother can face a real dilemma of whether to return to work again or to give up a career and focus on her children completely. Very often pursuing a career is a necessity: a woman can be a single mother or her husband does not earn enough to provide for the family. In this case, making a choice in favor of the career can result in a painful guilt complex and in a very low self-esteem as a mother, both of which can be destructive for the personality of a working mother. So, how to fight this psychological problem and avoid a possible deep neurosis?

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Well, Darling, We Are Going to Have a Baby

So, the big day that will change your life forever has come: you know that you are going to have a baby. You will become a mother… Even if you have not been planning it, for a woman the news, however shocking it may seem first, is a natural event. But what about a man? How to tell him that he will soon become a father?

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Name Fever

My husband was drilling the monitor with eager eyes observing our future baby. “Hey, Doc, is it a boy?”, he asked. “Nope”, the doctor answered. “And who is it?” the surprise in his voice made me think I had married a complete idiot. “It’s a charming princess”, the doctor replied without even raising his eyebrows. “But we do not have the name!” And this was the point that nearly ended our marriage in the next three month.

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Mommy, I Wanna Touch It!

Your little baby is learning so much about this big world through contact (or tactual) sensations and that is why it is so important to develop them correctly. For a baby who is born with imperfect eyesight, the ability to touch and feel becomes the main way of obtaining the information about the surrounding world.

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Is a Healthy Baby a Plumpy One?

The ideal image of a baby I used to have in my head was influenced a lot by the classical paintings of the Renaissance: slightly plumpy Cupids smiling playfully. My daughter was born a four kilos Cupid, which was the point her daddy took special pride in.

In three month she was about seven kilos and rocking her became a challenge for me. When in a month she put on another kilo, I started being worried. The doctor did not think it was a problem, however, in order to avoid the potential danger of obesity and bearing in mind that it is strictly forbidden to limit the calories intake during the first year, we worked out a simple three-point action plan to help us.

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Five Things That Are Worth Teaching Your Baby Before the First Birthday

One-year old child seems very little, but there are certain important skills which you should help him acquire as early as possible.

  1. Teach your baby to entertain himself.
  2. This vital point is often neglected by the most loving and caring parents. Somehow we tend to forget about the time any individual needs to absorb and reflect upon the new knowledge acquired. Even a baby needs to play on his own for at least 10-15 minutes a day. Read more »

Bedtime, or How to Make Your Baby Fall Asleep

My daughter is yawning and hiding her face in her little palms; she is tired and naughty and wants to sleep immensely, but bravely struggles with the necessity to close her eyes. I am yawning as well, and I am equally tired, but bravely continue to rock her and sing, praying about her finally falling asleep.

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Baby Games

Babies are the fastest learners and every day brings something new to them. One day you see their first smile, very soon they reach a toy on their own, and here they are sitting and playing. That is why it is so important to observe the development of your child and to offer toys and games appropriate for the corresponding age.

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All Work and no Play Make Jack a Dull Boy

In an adult’s mind games are associated with fun and relaxation. However, for a child playing a game is an essential and absolutely vital part of his daily routine, because this is the only way a child can develop. In order to help a baby develop by playing, it is important for parents to choose proper toys.

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