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Theoretical Orientation

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Looking at the movie “Silver Linings Playbook” from the psychological point of view, it is clear that the situation with the main character, Pat (performed by Bradley Cooper) sparks interest in the light of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. In this respect, the application of theoretical orientation should be analyzed step by step in accordance with the pivotal points in order to understand and then be able to treat the client.

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Essay on Leadership

Relationship Between the Leader and His Followers

Leader as an entity cannot be closed in itself – it is, first of all, about the interconnection between the leader and his followers. There are, of course, various kinds of leadership, and they presuppose existence of certain models of behavior, but some things remain more or less the same no matter what.

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Psychology Essays

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive compulsive disorder (also known as anancastic disorder) is a mental illness that is usually characterized by the fact that the patient feels compelled to repeatedly perform a certain set of seemingly meaningless actions in order to get rid of obsessive thoughts, fears and feelings. For example, one of the most widely spread symptoms of this disorder is constant feeling of your own dirtiness, as a result of which you feel compelled to wash your hands much more often, than it is rationally needed. This symptom may come to absurd and rather frightening extremes, when a patient tries to wash his hands with a rough brush wounding himself in process.

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When I Know They Are Lying to Me

I often feel embarrassed and the reason is not the fact that I do something stupid. On the contrary, I try to be sensible and understanding, but the problem is that I know when people are lying to me. I often wish I would not, but I do. I can never explain how it works: it is some gut instinct and it is triggered when somebody is trying to tell me tall tales. My anti-liar system detects phoney and a huge red bulb together with the wailing alarm sound goes in my head “Lie! Lie! Lie!”

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What Dreams May Come at Night?

I have always been fascinated by dreams, mysterious images that come at night taking us to the world of our subconsciousness. Why is it that some dreams are black and white and some are colored? Why do we sometimes see prophetic dreams and can predict the events before they really happen? Why do we sometimes remember the dreams in a very detailed way, but sometimes do not remember them at all?

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What Can I Do When I Have Nothing to Do?

Modern lifestyle is extremely hectic and we often hear complaints about the lack of time to do anything, but work. However, if given a lot of free time, many people simply do not know what to do and soon start feeling bored. The matter is that life nowadays has so little to spare that we have simply forgotten the joy some basic activities can bring. So, in case you have a long weekend and in some miraculous way have already managed to do all your chores, try one of the options below and you will see how much happier you will become:

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Recipe for Happiness

The world today is definitely a better place to live than it was one hundred years ago. Work today is not so physically demanding as it used to be, people seem to have more free time (at least, it is supposed to be so if they spend less time at work), manual house work was replaced by washing machines, dish washers and microwave ovens, communication systems made it easy to keep in touch with our relatives and friends, new technologies supplied us with a number of entertainment activities which our grandparents could not even think of. “The brave new world” of the twenty first century is definitely worth living in.

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Six Simple Ways to Fight Your Laziness

Do you have huge plans each day, but never complete even a third of them? Do you promise yourself every evening that you will go jogging in the morning, but when the morning comes you simply cannot make yourself do it? Can you always find ten reasons why your desire to get or achieve something will never come true? Then these simple guidelines on how to fight your laziness are for you:

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How to Let off the Steam?

Everything seems to go wrong: there are problems at work, at home, your colleagues seem to be complete idiots who accidentally deleted the files you had been working on all the previous week, your neighbor parked his car in such a way that he managed to destroy your hedge, your kids are driving you mad. You are afraid of yourself, because you realize you have a strong desire to kill somebody! Stop! It means it is time to let off the steam!

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How to Find Motivation for Effective Learning?

Learner’s motivation is a cornerstone of the successful learning process. However, despite it being absolutely crucial, it is not easy to achieve, as it is made up of several very important factors.

First, motivation can only be achieved with the help of the careful needs analysis. Consider the reasons why you need to study, put them all down and then choose three which are most important for you personally. For instance, studying because it will make your parents happy is, in general, a decent reason, but it will not boost your motivation level considerably. However, if you need high academic results to impress your girlfriend or boyfriend, the reason can definitely work.

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