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Psychology Essays

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive compulsive disorder (also known as anancastic disorder) is a mental illness that is usually characterized by the fact that the patient feels compelled to repeatedly perform a certain set of seemingly meaningless actions in order to get rid of obsessive thoughts, fears and feelings. For example, one of the most widely spread symptoms of this disorder is constant feeling of your own dirtiness, as a result of which you feel compelled to wash your hands much more often, than it is rationally needed. This symptom may come to absurd and rather frightening extremes, when a patient tries to wash his hands with a rough brush wounding himself in process.

But it is not the only way in which it is expressed. A person suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder generally feels it necessary to organize his actions, compile plans and graphs describing his future and past activities and, in most cases, spends so much time and efforts on this that never manages to get to some real work in the long run. At the same time, he feels very nervous when somebody else does some work, and believes that nobody but him is able to do it properly – thus, he generally refuses from help and feels disturbed when he has to accept it.

Although it may seem to be rather funny from the outside, it is hard to describe how much such patient suffers, being attacked within his own mind by some processes he is unable to control. He is always nervous, always afraid of something; his behavior is to a great extent determined by the disorder, harming his life.

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