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Reflective Essays on Different Topics

Essay on Books – Role of Books in Modern World

The invention of writing was one of the main breakthroughs of the human history; there is hardly anything else that may be at least distantly equal to the importance of this discovery, for the whole science, literature and knowledge of human race until now has no way of being preserved other than that of writing it down with a universally understandable set of symbols.

Yet, the form in which the writing is applied changes throughout the ages: from stone and clay tablets to papyrus and parchment scrolls, to hand-written books, to the ones that were printed.

Nowadays we can hear a lot of arguing in what concerns books, as we have used to know them. Will they be retained in the age of information? Can an electronic variant of a book be considered a true book? Is it acceptable to change one for another? Many people treat the ongoing change with disapproval and suspicion. They say that reading an electronic text will never be the same as reading a real, material book.

But I doubt this. For one thing, electronic texts are infinitely more convenient and transportable. For a person who relies on modern technology it is not impossible to move about the world while carrying his entire 10 000 volumes’ library with himself – the feat that is impossible for the advocate of traditional books. It is easier to read and look for necessary pages in an electronic text. And so on.

And I don’t think this change to be bad. Printed books have replaced the hand-written ones, but do we complain of reading losing its real quality because of that?

Essay on Drugs – Hopeless War on Drugs

In this or that form the war on drugs is fought in all or almost all countries of the world, as it is considered to be one of the major social evils that affects the existence of the human race to quite a considerable extent. But here we, just like in many other cases, see the truth of the following principle: the more eagerly you fight something, the stronger it becomes.

For centuries before drugs have not been considered much of a problem they were treated as a bad habit, or just a habit, without any negative connotations. They were sold and bought more or less like everything else; some quite famous people were known for using them and seemingly were not ostracized because of it.

But in the course of the 20th century they suddenly came to be considered the major evil, one of the most vicious things in existence – the war on drugs has begun. And the result followed immediately. With drugs being hard to get, their prices rapidly increased. Seeing that trading them offers good financial opportunities, various drug mafias and cartels have emerged. The addicts, having to get money in order to get the now more expensive drugs, began to resort to crime more and more often.

It is ironic, but the state’s intrusion and nothing else has created the drug industry in its modern sense. Drugs are, of course, disgusting and cause tremendous harm; but I would prefer that its harm was confined to those who decide to take them willingly. The war on drugs makes life more dangerous for everyone, whether he has something to do with drugs or not.

Essay on Home –
Home Is the Place to Come Back to

Home is one of the concepts that seems to be easy and understandable at the first glance, but cannot actually be defined at all once you give it a thought. After all, what is home? It is not simply walls and roof of the building you live in, it is something a lot more complex and difficult to grasp. One can refer to some place from his distant childhood, where he spent several years of his now long life, as “home”, although he haven’t seen it for decades, and not consider his current abode to be one. What is the meaning of all this?

It is as follows: home is the place you feel like coming back. No matter in what circumstances and as a result of what. You may want to come back to it when you are completely broken and full of despair, not knowing what to do next and how to live on. Or you may want to return to it after some great success and either look at all the ways you have made since the time you lived there, or bring your success there, make it felt in the place you love most.

It is hard to lose one’s true home, the place you are particularly attached to, but very often we have to undergo such a tragedy. Yet, the true home is never lost completely – it may belong to someone else, it may have ceased to exist even long ago, but as long as it is in your memory, your home is with you, and you are not alone.

Essay on Music – Role of Music in Our Life

It is no exaggeration to say that music plays an enormous role in people’s lives. There are relatively few people who work in this sphere directly or have any extensive knowledge of it, but it does not in any way limit the ability of an average and completely ignorant (in what concerns music) person to listen to his or her favorite melodies and being happy about it.

A lot of human activities are traditionally accompanied with music or even based on it; even though we rarely, for example, watch a film exclusively in order to listen to soundtrack, if it is absent we will feel ill at ease. Social, religious, political and other activities are always accompanied with various kinds of music associated with them; to a certain extent it may be called a universal language that is understood by everyone, no matter what languages people speak in reality.

And, speaking about more personal affections, music serves as a very good background for any activity. Some people even say that they are unable to work (physically or mentally) if their work is not accompanied by music of this or that kind.

Yes, music can be called one of the most democratic arts, for it requires the least effort to be perceived. In order to perceive a book or a picture, a man has to concentrate to this or that extent; a symphony may even be perceived in background, without actively working to understand it. That is why music finds a lot more reflection in the so-called mass culture than painting and literature – and it is neither good nor bad. It is just the way things are.

Music Essay – Music as Integral Part of Our Life

Music is one of the most ancient kinds of art, and simultaneously one of the most mysterious. What makes this or that composition of sounds pleasant for a human ear? Why this set of sounds can be considered music and this one – not? Why different people like different kinds of music, to an extent of actively disliking one of its types and loving another?

We don’t know how long ago did music appear, but it was most likely at the dawn of history, and we have absolutely no idea of what this ancient music was like and with the help of which instruments it was performed.

Music has always occupied a special position in human culture. Some say it is because of it being the closest to the person’s subconscious. Friedrich Nietzsche considered it to be lying in the basis of Dionysian philosophy; modern psychiatrists and other doctors consider it to be beneficial in treatment of diseases and some recent research implies that music’s positive influence is not limited to people. Some animals seem to be responding to it as well.

In fact, music possesses a high level of symbolism, being an integral part of many ceremonies. For example, it is generally considered that every country is supposed to have a certain set of symbols, and one of them is its unique anthem.

All in all, it is hard to argue with the statement that music is an integral part of our life. It has so long ago entered it that it is next to impossible to imagine how everything looks and feels like without it.

Essay on Racism – What Is So Attractive about Racism?

Throughout the history of humankind racism and its close relatives have always easily found followers among the masses, no matter what race, nation and state they belonged to. It seems to be a really alluring ideology if, being so absurd in its basis, it still manages to find supporters even now, in the age when it seems to be obvious that no racial determinism is defining what every separate individual is. So, what is so attractive about it?

The answer is – it is very simple, even primitive, and easily understandable for every halfwit. In fact, it is mostly alluring for halfwits, because it is so pleasant to have an idea, the one which you can understand and follow. It is very simple and flattering, for, when you know that you belong to the superior race, it doesn’t matter what your individual qualities, successes, abilities are; you are automatically better than any representative of another race, no matter how much cleverer, wealthier and more successful he is. On the contrary – you are living so bad because you have been robbed by the representatives of inferior races who stole what is rightfully yours. That is why racism is the ideology of the masses – educated people may follow and even direct the trend when it is profitable for them, but I can hardly believe they can actually consider it to be right.

Every person can only be judged according to his own actions, abilities and decisions. If there is any genetic influence on all these aspects, it is close to a minimum. And the only person who feels better being a racist is the one who cannot be superior in any other way.

Death Essay – Facing the Fact That Death Is Inevitable

Modern people tend to treat their predecessors with a degree of condescension if not disdain, considering all who have lived before them to be in some ways inferior to them. Sometimes it is justified, sometimes it is not. And one of the spheres in which it is not always justified is the general attitude towards death.

Modern society tries to shun all the notions of death whenever they appear. It should be avoided as a topic of conversation, because it belongs to the range of not-so-decent ones. It shouldn’t be the object of jokes – at least, the good-tasted ones. It shouldn’t be mentioned to children. In general, one shouldn’t think about it at all.

The reason is not, in fact, the idea of its unimportance. When something is avoided as rigorously as mentioning death, it may mean anything but not the fact that it is unimportant. The reason behind it, as usual, is simple – fear. People are afraid of death, and try to alleviate this fear by doing everything not to think about it in their everyday life. But is it reasonable?

In the Middle Ages, for example, death was considered to be an integral part of everyday’s existence. We live on earth, but one day we shall die and live again, all according to what we did here. It was simple – there wasn’t that terror of death that is usually ascribed to medieval people. It is what we feel now. They felt death as a fact of reality that is always there and with which now one can do anything but to prepare to it properly. Isn’t it much more reasonable than to close your eyes and pretend it is not here?

Death Penalty Essay – Is Death Penalty Acceptable?

The death penalty is one of the most controversial topics of the modern world, and rightly so. While it has been abolished in the majority of Western states and in some of the states of the USA, it is still widely used in Asia, Middle East and Africa. Some states of the USA also use it, but here it is accompanied with so much legal procedure that condemned prisoners spend years and decades on the death row and quite often die before getting to the execution. And, of course, there are always activists who want it restored – either in general, or for some particular case. Movements in support of the capital punishment usually appear after some particularly vicious crime happens.

And it may even seem reasonable. If a person has done something so dreadful that he is considered to be ineligible for ever being set free again, why honest people have to pay in order to keep him alive? Isn’t he already as good as dead?

But this opinion doesn’t take into account one little thing – the imperfection of the law enforcement system. It consists of people who, just like any other people, tend to make mistakes. There are very few crimes that have really irrefutable proofs of someone’s guilt; there are always cases when the court has to decide on the basis of incomplete data. And even if one condemned from a thousand is an innocent man, there is no justification for the whole procedure. And, moreover – if the state is given the right to kill and pardon at will, what right will it assume next, when this will be considered to be not enough?

What Can I Do When I Have Nothing to Do?

Modern lifestyle is extremely hectic and we often hear complaints about the lack of time to do anything, but work. However, if given a lot of free time, many people simply do not know what to do and soon start feeling bored. The matter is that life nowadays has so little to spare that we have simply forgotten the joy some basic activities can bring. So, in case you have a long weekend and in some miraculous way have already managed to do all your chores, try one of the options below and you will see how much happier you will become:

  • Go for a walk! An option with a trick, as in order to be enjoyable it must be a real walk, purposeless, meaningless, without any proper destination, a watch on your wrist and a mobile phone in your pocket, but not the time spent going from one place to another.
  • Have lunch in a street café! Find a good location, sit at a table, spend at least ten minutes considering the menu carefully and then order something delicious and watch the world go by.
  • Do some extreme sport! This is an option for those who are either adventurous in nature, or those who are dead bored of office work. The surge of adrenaline you are sure to feel will remind you of how wonderful the life is.
  • Have a nap during the day! A strange feeling of doing something completely inappropriate will definitely help you relax. Moreover, after a good sleep you will be full of beans and can even consider going dancing at night.

Always remember that you have only one life that you should enjoy and be proud of. Don’t waste it for coach potato life style and do something interesting and active not to regret the lost moments afterwards.

Goldie Hawn Essay

Goldie Jeanne Hawn is a prominent figure in the American show business that fascinates cinema-goers for several dozens of years already. She was born in 1945 in Washington, D.C., in a family of a dance school/jewelry shop owner and a band musician. Since the age of three she started taking tap dance and ballet lessons. In 1961 she played Juliet in a production of Romeo and Juliet at the Virginia Shakespeare Festival, which was her first stage debut. Her debut as a professional dancer took place in 1964 in a production of Can-Can.

Her television career started soon after, with comedy Good Morning, World in the 1967-68 season. But the role that made her famous was in a sketch comedy show, Rowan & Martin’s Laugh In, where she played a typical dumb blonde character. Later she perfectly used this persona in three films, and her career began to develop very quickly. Today her filmography includes more than 30 films, among them real masterpieces that drew attention of the whole world. She partook in films with Chevy Chase, Bruce Willis, Meryl Streep and other outstanding actors and proved to be a talented actress herself. Her last film appearance was in 2002 in The Banger Sisters and now she works on a project called Ashes to Ashes.

Apart from being successful in her work, she is a mother of three children, two of them from her second marriage with Bill Hudson, and one from her current relationship with Kurt Russell. She also has three grandchildren. Since 1972 she got involved in the Eastern philosophy. Today she calls herself a Jewish Buddhist and often travels to India. Goldie runs The Hawn Foundation that teaches children a useful technique of mindfulness training. It allows them to decrease aggression and obtain more positive view towards life.

When Mom Goes to Work

Very few women living in the modern society nowadays stay with their kids at home. A certain period of time passes and a mother can face a real dilemma of whether to return to work again or to give up a career and focus on her children completely. Very often pursuing a career is a necessity: a woman can be a single mother or her husband does not earn enough to provide for the family. In this case, making a choice in favor of the career can result in a painful guilt complex and in a very low self-esteem as a mother, both of which can be destructive for the personality of a working mother. So, how to fight this psychological problem and avoid a possible deep neurosis?

The easiest way is to always bear in mind that a happy mother means a happy baby. It has been proved scientifically that babies have a wonderful ability to detect the emotional state of the people around them. So, if a woman feels upset about going to work, the baby will feel it, get nervous and naughty and things will go from bad to worse. Remember that by going to work you do not do anything bad or cruel. You provide for your family and in this way you take care of your baby. Moreover, going to work can provide a wonderful opportunity for a change in the routine, which can be quite monotonous for a mother of a young child.

In case you are in such a situation, try to explain it to yourself, change your way of thinking, become positive and enjoy the time spent with your baby to the utmost. Remember, if you are happy and positive about something, your baby will be such as well.

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