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Relationship Essay

Key to the Successful Relationship

A normal new family cell starts with just two people, a man and a woman, who have to somehow build up a relationship and sustain it over time, which, naturally, meets a lot of difficulties.

For the first thing, the co-existence with parents and siblings and co-existence with a person that has a completely different sum of experience are two completely different things. You may disagree with the parents and siblings on a lot of things, hate their habits and be generally annoyed by them; but still, you have long ago got used to them and consider these things to be normal. With a partner, however, all is completely different. He or she had lived a completely different life, got completely different experience, got used to different things and so on. The living space will unavoidably turn into a battleground of two lifestyles, and it is far more important than a romantically-minded person may think. Moreover, the psychology of a man and a woman are generally quite different from each other, which leads to additional misunderstandings that sometimes are hilarious, but in some cases lead to the increase in tension and hostility.

All in all, there is no instruction concerning how to have a successful relationship. The skills are either attained in the course of time or not. One has to learn, on the one hand, to stand one’s ground and, on the other hand, to look for compromise in less important areas. One member of a relationship should be neither too dependent on the other one, nor pay him or her too little attention. It is all about finding the golden mean.

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