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Response Essay on The Most Unusual Sci-Fi Book I Ever Read

To the majority of people C.S. Lewis is known only as a personal friend of J.R.R. Tolkien and the author of the Chronicles of Narnia; however, he was also a prolific theologian, Christian apologist, essayist and even a science fiction author. This science fiction of his is what I am going to talk here.

The Space Trilogy is a very interesting reading because it is really unusual to see the more or less usual sci-fi scenery being imbued with a strong Christian underlying message. According to the cosmology of the series, the Solar system is mostly inhabited by sentient beings; however, the Earth is the only planet that has suffered from the Fall of its sentient race: both the Mars and the Venus are inhabited by races that are generally as innocent as Adam and Eve were.

This creates a very peculiar viewpoint to discuss such questions as sin, morality, sacrifice and other theological and philosophical concepts – for, although being set in a highly unusual universe, The Space Trilogy is mostly dedicated to discussions and reflections.

The third book, That Hideous Strength, is different in a way. Unlike the first two, very small-scale in what concerns the number of characters, it is set on Earth, showing a vast variety of characters, especially fascinating being the ones who are inherently evil – Lewis managed to describe various kinds of evil in a particularly brilliant manner, embedding the images of his villains deep into the reader’s consciousness.

I wasn’t sorry for a minute reading this series, for it was certainly the most peculiar science fiction text I have ever read.

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