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Revising Is Easy

Your end of term exams is looming on the horizon and you realize that soon you will feel tired, sleepy and stressed out all the time. Why? Because you are supposed to start revising in order to achieve good results.

This is often taken as a hard and dry rule of the end-of-term exam fever: if you are dead tired and panic-stricken, you work hard and will pass your exams. However, this idea is just a silly stereotype. Moreover, it is untrue and harmful for your health. If you want to revise for your exams efficiently, follow these simple rules and you are sure to succeed.

  • Plan your revision. Start revising as early as possible and work out an exact plan of how much you must do each day in order to get enough rest and ensure positive results.
  • Stick to your plan. Once you have created a plan, follow it. Very often we get mistaken by the tiny amount of work we have to do every day and start thinking that we can safely skip several days of revision and then make up for them by doing more than usual. Finally, we end up with lots of work and just three days before the exam. Never leave it till the last possible moment, as your brain is only able to absorb a certain portion of knowledge at a time and putting yourself under pressure of failure to meet the deadlines is not an option.
  • Organize a revision group. Find some friends who are ready to work together with you. Although using this method can easily turn into having fun and a friendly chat, it has numerous advantages if you really use it for work. You have a fixed timetable and are less likely to put off your studies.

If you consider the problem in details, you are sure to find much more ways to keep an ideal balance between happy student’s life and final revising before exams.

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