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Revolution Is What Is Happening In South Africa (The New York Times, Page 26, April 5, 1985)

Revolution Is What Is Happening in South Africa

The article written in 1985 describes the internal resistance of South African people to the Apartheid regime that was established at that time in this part of the world. The regime represented a system of legal racial segregation that was introduced by the National Party government in South Africa and was in progress between 1948 and 1994. In this period the white minority ruled in the region, while the rights of the black majority were discriminated.

Although racial segregation in South Africa began a considerable time before the Apartheid regime, it was established only after the election of 1948. It started with classification of the individuals into separate racial groups that were segregated, often by forced removals. Starting from 1970 the black group of the region was deprived of official citizenship, becoming citizens of bantustans – tribally based self-governing homelands. They were forced to obtain separate education, medical treatment, as well as make use of the services of much lower quality than the white people enjoyed.

As a result of such total discrimination, there developed internal resistance and violence in the region that eventually resulted in the end of Apartheid in 1994. The resistance originated in several sectors of society and was manifested by passive resistance, peaceful protests and armed insurrection. It was managed by two black activists – Desmond Tutu and Steve Biko and three white activists – Harry Schwarz, Trevor Huddleston and Joe Slovo.

By the 1980s there were constant changes between violent and non-violent means of action, which were also characteristic of the rebellion between 1983 and 1994. The police responded to the protests with brutality, but in the end democratic principles won.

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