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Roads We Do Not Choose

When I met him, I was in the middle of an extremely traumatic relationship and balancing a very thin borderline between common sense and insanity, love to my boyfriend and equally strong hatred. I was tired, confused, physically ill and emotionally devastated. But for some strange reason he liked me. As for me, not only did I like him, but I was mesmerized by the idea of strength and stability, the tempting vision of the safe harbor. But for some strange reason, instead of choosing the road that would lead me to a stable mature relationship, I turned the other way and one day simply disappeared from his life.

Two years passed: I finally split up with my partner after a total collapse of our family life, I changed my job and religion, I became a vegetarian, dyed my hair and had a brand new haircut. And all this time I was thinking about the reasons why we tend to choose the most difficult and painful roads to go, but do not choose those that are most likely to lead us to happiness.

One day we met again. It was a strange coincidence, a jigsaw puzzle of destiny that made us come together again. I remember standing, staring at my shoes and being too embarrassed to look into his eyes. But when I finally did, I knew the answer to my question: the roads we do not choose are an opportunity to learn the difference as we only know what we need when we have something to compare with. Now I have the only one point which is not clear to me: is there a chance to get back to the missed turn?

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