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Sample Essay about Life

Your Life Is Built by Yourself

When people speak about someone who seems to be getting everything too easy, they usually say that he got lucky – either he was born in a rich family, or was fortunate enough to use some circumstances to his advantage, or something else of this kind. The truth is, however, that the person’s environment in life, either in the beginning or in its course, is not everything.

If a person has enough will to work, self-improve, succeed, he will overcome all the hardships and emerge victorious. In fact, the majority of really successful people have literally made their way up from the gutters. I think it is because they understand early enough that in order to succeed, they have to drag themselves up without hoping for anyone’s help. While people around them sigh about their hard life and give up, they fight and win.

The reason why people are so eager to say that successful people are either lucky or swindlers or both, is the fact that it is much, much simpler than to get a grip on themselves and set about to some real work. It is easier to sit around and complain, than to change one’s situation so that there is no longer need to complain.

That is the thing every person who wants to be successful should learn: nobody is going to help you. Nobody is obliged to help you. Nobody is guilty of your problems but yourself, and nobody is going to get rid of them but you. Until you stop waiting for others to help you, you are not going to achieve anything in this world.

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