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Should Both Parents Be Equally Involved in Child Rearing?

What puzzles me most of all is the fact that even now, in the age of developed societies and open-minded approaches to life, many people still have incomprehensible tie to the primitive culture that was formed and existed millions of years ago. In those times men where hunting for mammoths, while a woman was responsible for their cave and children. The way we still depend on this archaic lifestyle is incogitable for me.

My elder sister Annie became a mother about a year ago and that was the time when I started to understand how deep was that primitive order of life engrained in people’s minds. Everything started when her husband decided that he wanted to be present at labor and help his wife. To my mind, that is the only right decision each strong-minded man has to make when the time of his childbirth approaches. But my parents got so mad when they heard it! They spoke with them so much, trying to convince them that maternity home was only for mothers. They threatened that no man would be able to watch the whole process and be attracted to his wife afterwards. They told them so many silly things that I am still fascinated by the way they succeeded to get through this with sound minds.

Fortunately, Annie’s husband was wise enough not to listen to them and became the happiest man ever when he saw his daughter for the first time the first moment she came into this world. He still recalls that moment with a smile and is indeed the happiest father. And what is more, he went on vacation and helped Annie a lot in the first, most difficult, period. Now he is absolutely happy with his life, daughter and wife. He can take care of his child confidently and without any problems. And I am sure that it is the way child raising should be in any family.

On balance, I believe that a real father should be completely involved in his child’s life from the very first moment of his or her life and should be able to take care of the child in the fullest extent. Those men who consider their role in child rearing to be secondary just don’t understand what they lose. All I can do is to feel sorry for them.

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