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Should Right to Vote be Made the Obligation to Vote?

A lot is said about the fact that no elections really reflect the true will of the country’s people because only a small percentage of them actually take part in them. And at any given moment of time one can find groups of people angrily saying that it is a situation one cannot reconcile oneself with, that in our democratic society no one can neglect his right to vote. Isn’t it natural, then, to make voting obligatory for everybody who has this right?

To my mind, if it doesn’t look awkward, I don’t know what does. The very idea of democracy, after all, is that every person is free to do everything until he directly threatens the freedom of another person. Yes, we all know that modern democracies consider it acceptable to limit the freedom of person for, as it is stated, the person’s own good, but to make it necessary to vote is a little bit too grotesque. If the country is considered free, how may it consider the idea of making people participate in politics when they don’t want to?

It would be nice to remember that absolute attendance of elections is a sure sign of a totalitarian state, which means that after the right to vote turns into obligation there is no longer any point in voting – the state that has enough power to control its citizens so much has already went too far to be influenced by the will of these citizens to any meaningful extent.

That is why, in my opinion, obligatory participation in elections in a democratic state is an oxymoron in itself.

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