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Term Paper On Dna Testing And Rape Cases

DNA Testing and Rape Cases

DNA testing is a technique used by forensic scientists to identify individuals by their DNA profiles. Despite the fact that 99.9% of DNA sequences are the same for all people, this small quantity that is different is enough to distinguish individuals with the highest level of accuracy. Today this technique is widely spread in jurisdiction system, as it helps find criminals and save innocent people from unfair sentences.

Familial DNA searching is the process of creating new leads in investigation cases when there is DNA sample found at the crime scene that strongly resembles DNA profile in state DNA database, but still there is no exact match. It is then possible to build a family tree of those with similar DNA, which considerably shortens list of suspects. When the main suspect is found, his DNA profile is obtained, which allows to officially accuse him of the crime he committed.

This and other processes that involve DNA testing are often used when investigating the rape cases. Usually there are no witnesses in this kind of assault, which is why DNA testing is often the only way to surely state the offence of the potential criminals. With the high level of rapes frequency, some companies have even developed special tools that allow victims to take the necessary DNA sample from their offenders, so as they could find and accuse the criminal without problems.

To sum up, DNA testing shows how good our genetic science is developed and offers a perfect way to solve difficult crimes. To my mind, we should use this technique to maximum extent and apply more and more effort to punish all the guilty ones of such horrible crimes as rapes.

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