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The Economics in Information Era

Nobody can doubt that we live in times of constant and radical changes. In human history there have been only a handful of events that changed the lifestyle of people and the picture of the world entirely, and the more humankind progresses, the closer the new events of such kind become. We live in the period when one of them is changing the world just before our eyes. And, of course, economics cannot neglect these happenings, for such changes never pass it and often interact with it directly. From the invention of the wheel to the introduction of the production line these world-changing events were always related to the economical development. This time is no different.

The rise of the Internet has long ago seized to concern only the scientists and the military. The free flow of information, easily accessible at any moment from any point of the globe, the possibility to interact with each other without a direct contact, to work and receive payments without leaving one’s house, to buy and sell without ever talking to your customer – all this unavoidably changed and keeps changing the nature of economics.

In the new age many features of this may become outdated and replaced with something new. Nobody uses usual mail for business interactions anymore, for example; music, software and films are less and less effectively sold on compact-discs – this branch of business tends to turn to digital model of transportation. Systems like eBay enable people who wouldn’t have dreamt about it before to engage in trading activities. Multiple people living in different ends of the world may interact with each other simultaneously.

It is so good to live in the future.

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