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The Meaning of Life

When laymen speak about philosophy, the question “What is the meaning of human’s life” usually serves as the generalized description of what the philosophers try to find out. To a certain degree, it is true – for thousands of years philosophers of different schools tried to solve this problem. As it is characteristic of philosophy, they haven’t found a direct and unanimous answer.

And it is hardly surprising. For the one thing, every single person can more or less competently judge about only one person – himself. One can think that he knows the purpose and meaning of his life, but can never know whether he understands it correctly. So, how can anybody find a universal answer to such a question?

The most generally accepted answer is that there is no and there cannot be any specified universal answer. There are no two identical people on the Earth, so how can there be an answer, encompassing the meaning of life for every and single person that lives, lived and will ever live?

But, I suppose, some kind of answer can still be given. Nothing specific, of course, but enough to move on. The purpose of human’s life is to achieve happiness, and the only way to achieve happiness is creative activity, the work that this particular person is best at, that he loves, that in itself makes him happy. For without happiness in work, how can anybody live? If you make a person’s life pleasant and easy, but take away the…

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