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Thesis Paper on Nursing Student

Thesis about Nursing Student

I have been dreaming of becoming a nursing student since the age of 7. At that time I got into hospital with measles and was so fascinated with the people walking around in whites, who were always ready to help me, talk to me and solve my problems. I remember asking one pleasant woman, how her profession was called. And her answer I still remember as if I heard it yesterday: “I am just a nurse.” For her maybe it was “just”, but for me it became the goal of my life.

Although many people tend to change their priorities with the flow of life, I belong to those who stick to their aim. Maybe, it’s because I am a lucky person – I never had a chance to get disappointed in this profession. And even when I encountered some nurses who were rude or not professional enough, it gave me an urge to strive to reach my goal even more, as in this way, by becoming a perfect nurse myself, I could change this world for the better.

I am very grateful for all the opportunities I had in life and I hope that what I have already done and the things I am going to achieve in future will make me a real professional. I know that lots of people need me, and my dream is to go to bed every day, understanding that I have made this world better for someone. This will be the happiness and the sense of fulfillment that no one will ever take away from me. Being a nursing student is my dream and I know that I will achieve it, sooner or later.

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