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9 Great Academic Essays to Set the Tone to Your Studying

Cricial Essay on Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

It is hard to write any kind of criticism on a book so well-known and so controversially accepted as Atlas Shrugged, the magnum opus of Russian-born American writer Ayn Rand aka Alisa Rosenbaum. It, however, only makes the matter more interesting.

This novel can be called magnificent because of its size alone; being almost as long as the Bible, it is up to date one of the longest, if not the longest work of fiction written in English. The action being set in a version of alternative history of the XX century where most of the world’s nations have turned into socialist People States with the USA being the last capitalist country in the world. It, surprisingly, doesn’t go on describing the war between the two systems. Socialism being in Ayn Rand’s terms a synonym of death and decay, the people’s states wage no war – they slowly fester, feeding on the assistance, provided by the USA that slowly gets more and more like them.

The storyline follows the idea of the strike of men of reason, the individuals and individualists who move the progress forward, but are constantly denounced by the masses that are incapable of thinking and producing. It is their strike that finally destroys the world known to us and leaves the space clear for building the new one.

This novel can hardly be called a novel – it is a kind of an enormous allegory that expresses the author’s view on economics, philosophy and life in general. And, while it is hard to argue with most of Rand’s ideas, the way of presenting them is very often overly verbose. This, however, doesn’t make this book less important.

Critical Essay on The Clash of Civilizations by Samuel Huntington

The Clash of Civilizations is a magnum opus of a prominent American political scientist Samuel Huntington, known for his specific views on the new world order that is sure to emerge in the post-Cold War era. In this book he expresses most of his views concerning this subject.

According to him, the times of a bipolar world in which two superpowers had to coexist in precarious balance without letting each other assume too much influence is gone forever together with the Soviet Union. However, he refuses the idea of a unified world with its center in the United States. According to him, with the disappearance of the previous balance, another one has to appear; this time based not on the socio-economical formations, but on the civilization backgrounds of states.

Thus, the Western civilization turns out to be not the only one, but one of many, along with Chinese, Japanese, Hindu and so on, each one having one core state and several lesser states that are supported by it.

However, to my mind, this division can hardly be considered viable. Yes, Indian politicians, for example, may say that Hinduism is the major basis of Hindu civilization, but they would tell it to pacify the population, not because they really believe in it. They are much more interested in the Western ways of doing business, industry and so on, than in their ancient religion that lies in the foundation of their civilization. So, I think that…

Example of Critical Essay – All Hallows’ Eve by Charles Williams

Charles Williams was one of the less known members of the literature clubThe Inklings”, represented by such world-famous writers as C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. He didn’t manage to achieve the same level of fame, but for a limited audience his 7 novels represent a much greater treasure than even The Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia.

At a glance, the plot of All Hallows Eve resembles either a horror novel or a mystical thriller of sorts: a woman that dies in the opening scene and continues to wander the spiritual replica of London as a ghost, the apocalyptic figure of Simon LeClerk, the leader of a seemingly harmless sect who in fact is undoubtedly the Antichrist, two paintings that carry in themselves some connection with the spiritual world and change in the course of time… But a closer look eliminates this impression, showing that it is in fact a religiously philosophical novel that features very bizarre backgrounds simply for the sake of making a point in a more demonstrative manner.

Action is scarce; most of the text is devoted to the reflections, feelings, impressions of the main characters on undergoing various mystical experiences. There is no battle against the Antichrist in the manner of Hollywood movies and no superhuman powers of evil – in fact, Simon LeClerk uses some forbidden arts at several points, but his methods do not resemble what is generally understood as magic in the slightest.

All in all, All Hallows’ Eve is a brilliant, yet undeservedly forgotten masterpiece. Being much deeper than…

How to Write a Research Proposal Paper?

When students receive an assignment to write a research proposal paper, many of them get upset, as it is additional workload that they have to handle. Many of them even fail this assignment, having more urgent tasks to perform and eventually having no possibility to complete the research proposal paper on time. Still, there are several ways out.

First of all, in order to succeed you should learn to effectively manage your time. If you make a plan of completing the necessary assignments, the workload will not be so heavy for you and everything will become organized in your academic sphere. You should at once decide on how much time you should allocate to the assignment and break the whole process into several stages. This will help you plan your days and reach the best result without wasting your time on unnecessary activities.

Second, you should learn how to brainstorm ideas effectively, as often the lack of ideas is one of the main factors of paper’s failure. In order to master this technique, you should practice as much as you can. It is the main secret of success here, which you can easily make use of if you plan your time effectively.

Third, you should always perform substantial literature research. In this aspect there are two factors that are very important – the use of as many sources as you can find and their proper referencing. Only combination of these factors can ensure that you have created a strong theoretical basis for your work and don’t plagiarize.

To sum up, research proposal paper writing is a complex and burdensome task, and the best variant is delegation of it to real pros. Consider this variant if you want to achieve the best result.

Free High School Essays: School Uniforms –
Yes or No

I have always been surprised by those who support the idea of school uniforms and sometimes even go as far as propose to make them obligatory for all schools irrespectively of the opinion of their headmasters, students and parents. In my opinion, hearing such statements in a free country is something unpleasantly odd, for it feels like people consider that there is too much freedom around and it should be somewhat reduced.

Although it touches upon this rather unimportant matter of clothes, it is an alarming tendency nonetheless. Shouldn’t freedom of action be spread everywhere unless it influences the other people in negative way? Why should people be prescribed to wear a particular set of clothes when there is no need to do so? What is so alluring in a military barrack that makes so many people want to turn everything into it?

Maybe the idea of standardizing clothes in a certain way is not a bad one, but uniforms create exactly that military smell that, as far as I am concerned, nobody wants the schools to be associated with. Yes, dress-code for schools is a sound decision, for it helps to prevent people from wearing clothes that may offend the others. But the particular choice of clothes that somebody wears should never fall within the set of responsibility of the state’s officials. They have a say in too many spheres of public life already.

Thus, I consider the idea of school uniforms to be revolting to say the least. If it is supposed to breed discipline and mutual respect, then we should remember how much mutual respect there is in the army.

Cold War Essay – Causes of the Cold War

The Cold War is so far one of the greatest conflicts that have ever taken place in the history of humankind, although there has not been a single direct confrontation between the two major opposing forces: the USA and the USSR.

During the WWII the USSR was perceived by the West as a valuable ally that was necessary to defeat the Axis, although even then it was generally understood that such a collaboration was a deal with the devil, for the only major difference between the regimes of the Soviets and the Nazi Germany was the fact that the West was currently at war with the former. Quite naturally, when after the war the third power disappeared and only two major players left, all the reasons for cooperation disappeared. The fact that immense part of Europe fell under the more or less direct Soviet control after the defeat of Germany wasn’t very reassuring as well. The fact that the USSR officially divided the world with the Third Reich and led aggressive policy in cooperation with it before and during the first half of the WWII showed quite clearly that the Soviets’ intentions were that of conquest.

It was only logical for the western countries to unite around the most powerful of their representatives and form an organized opposition to these interests; the USSR, in its turn, used the image of an American arch-nemesis in order to keep the population content with hating someone on the outside.

The Cold War was, after all, one of the best possible scenarios – there couldn’t be peace between such different ideologies, and reason kept them from actually colliding.

Trouble with Harry by Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock is known to the majority of people as a director of iconic horror movies, which is rather peculiar, as his psychological thrillers can hardly be called “horror” in modern understanding of the word and, in fact, constituted only one half of his creative work together with spy stories. The much less known part of his work is Trouble with Harry, belonging to such a surprising for Hitchcock genre as comedy.

Although most of his films contain elements of irony and black humor, this film can be called a comedy in its full right; a very macabre comedy still, however. It is built on such plot device as major misunderstanding. Several rather eccentric, yet practical dwellers of a small town discover in turn a corpse of a recently deceased man, with everybody believing that somebody he cares about killed him. For the whole length of the film they hide, bury, dig out, re-bury in another place, dig out again, wash and finally present it to the police. However gruesome it may seem to be, Hitchcock’s masterful exposition of the characters’ personalities and reactions make the plotline really interesting and funny.

Typical for Hitchcock’s films, Trouble with Harry contains a plot device Hitchcock called “McGuffin” – something that is of no interest to the viewer but of extreme importance to the majority of characters who are constantly trying to find out more about it, thus moving the plot forward. In this case, the McGuffin is the corpse with the whole plot revolving around it.

While being uncharacteristic of Hitchcock, the film deserves to be seen, at least for this very fact – it is the work of a Master that is considerably different from all the rest of his works.

Essay on How I Could Choose an Original Idea For My Doctoral Thesis

Original Ideas for Doctoral Thesis

There are usually so many ideas in my head as to where to go to party, or when to have rest after a hard day in the university. But when it comes to writing some academic papers, I totally lose all my ideas and come to a complete deadlock as to what to do and what to write. But recently I have found a way out of my troubles with writing and finding appropriate ideas. Now I want to share this method with you.

There are several ways that allow to find appropriate ideas for doctoral thesis and other papers. First of all, the most effective way is brainstorming. In order to master this technique, it is necessary to let your mind plunge into a world of ideas that are associated with the topic you have. In this method the most important thing is not to reject any ideas, no matter how useless they may seem to you at once. You have to write down all of them; you may leave filtering for later. It is also useful to brainstorm ideas with your friends or relatives, as here two heads are definitely better than one. After you complete brainstorming, you will have to go through your list and get rid of the unnecessary ideas, as well as structure the remaining ones so as you knew what to write.

Another convenient way to find ideas is to search the web or books for works on similar topics and trying to find ideas in them. It is also an effective way, and it is easily combined with brainstorming. Here the main point is not to plagiarize – you should cite all the borrowed ideas according to the formatting style you require.

So, there are many ways to find ideas for doctoral thesis – you just have to concentrate and not to lose heart – the secret of success is not too difficult.

Learning and Teaching Creatively

What does successful learning-teaching process depend on? This is the fundamental question of education, which is debated by hundreds of educational professionals all over the world. Despite these numerous debates, the answer to the question is relatively simple.

Learning and teaching process is an activity, and as any activity it is made up by certain components, such as setting the goal, identifying the tasks, methods and means of their solution. Another important issue is motivation, which in education can be confined to two parallel trends. On the one hand, motivation is achieved by the learner being focused on the result. On the other hand, the learning-teaching process must be interesting itself, as it takes a long time to achieve a certain outcome in education. So, the more interesting the process is, the more eager the learner is to be involved in it. Therefore, creative approach to education becomes of utmost importance. It presupposes unusual choice options, a certain level of flexibility and, what is absolutely crucial, an individual discovery.

In order to organize an educational process creatively, a teacher must provide students with an opportunity to choose certain methods of teaching as well as some of the topics. This will make students share their teacher’s responsibility for the final outcome of their studies.

Another important point is not to limit students’ eagerness to work out their way of studying themselves, but to guide them carefully through the educational process by creating the conditions, in which they are bound to come to the correct conclusion, discover the rules and acquire the necessary skills. This approach provides the necessary degree of independence.

Creativity is the key point in encouraging inspiration and it is clearly worth all efforts. And trying to teach your students without being inspiring is like hammering on cold iron.

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