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Well, Darling, We Are Going to Have a Baby

So, the big day that will change your life forever has come: you know that you are going to have a baby. You will become a mother… Even if you have not been planning it, for a woman the news, however shocking it may seem first, is a natural event. But what about a man? How to tell him that he will soon become a father?

If you are married, the idea and the new perspective are usually easier for the man to digest. So, you can just put it as a plain fact. However, if you are just partners or dating, telling the news can be a challenge especially if the relationship has not been a long-lasting one. Here, there are several important things to consider that can reduce the stress for a woman considerably.

First, the baby that you are going to have is yours in any case. And all the joy and happiness that the child will bring into your life will definitely compensate for any difficulties you may face even if you might be imagining a nightmare variant of your boyfriend disappearing next morning after the news is revealed.

Second, this is an extreme, but one hundred percent efficient way to check the feelings. However, it is important not to jump into conclusions here. If you say you are pregnant and see the tears of joy in the eyes of your beloved one, it is a big plus. But if he starts asking you stupid questions as “Are you sure?” and “How do you know?”, it is not necessarily a minus. Men are slow thinkers when it comes to radical changes. Give him some time, and who knows, maybe he will turn out to be the most devoted father.

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