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What I See in the Sky

When I was little and spent summers at my grandparents’, I often used to put up a tent at the backyard, take a sleeping bag and spend warm summer nights there enjoying chirming of crickets, singing of birds, light delicate wind and whispers of the old trees. When the nights were clear, my Grandpa joined me and we used to lie on the warm and slightly wet grass, looking into the starry sky and talking about his past and my future.

This was the time when I learnt that the sky possesses a unique ability to show the thing that you need at the moment. I even used this method to tell my fortune. I used to ask a question and stare carefully into the sky until the stars formed a picture in my head, which I then tried to interpret.

Later, when I became a teenager, I learnt that the sky is a wonderful barometer which shows when you are in love or when you are just flirtatious. If you and your date are walking at night through the empty city streets, look up in the sky: if the number of the stars seems considerably bigger than the previous week, it means you are deeply in love.

And now I know that the sky can also tell you when you are growing old. If one day you go home from work late in the evening, raise head, look in the sky and think: “Oh, my God! I have not looked into the sky for so long and I have not seen more stars because I am in love, I have not told my fortune or slept at my backyard”, it means you are middle-aged.

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