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What is a Thesis Statement in an Essay

Thesis Statement in an Essay

Writing an essay is commonly the question of persuasion – you should try to convince your reader, that you have a noteworthy point of view on the assigned subject. This is so called academic argument, a special for of written persuasion, which engages the usage of specific pattern. Now, how should a good thesis statement look like, and what structure should it have?

First of all, you need to briefly introduce you topic, and there, in the introductory part you should try to directly state your point of view, preferably in one sentence. Here is the trick, when you are writing an essay of any sort, first write the “body” of your essay and then try to present the summary of your main point in the introduction. This is how you will be coherent in your claims, and would not have to adapt the whole essay for the sake of correspondence to your thesis statement.

Now, what are some of the important functions of thesis statement? It tells the reader about your own opinion on subject of discussion, as it makes your idea clear to the reader. It is the hint for your reader, which tells him what should he expect reading your paper. It is essential when you are writing about controversial topics such as the questions of religion, ethos or gender, so your reader will be able to decide himself: is he really interested in reading the paper to the end, or will it somehow bother or offend him.

The thesis statement is necessary part of academic research, and it helps your instructor to indicate whether you are right, or you have made a common mistake, and the rest of paper is not worth of reading. In any case the thesis statement creates a claim for the dispute, and you’ll have to defend it in the main part of your essay, where you will place the evidences to prove your point of view.

How to identify strong thesis statement? First of all you should ensure that your thesis statement clearly answers the stated question. If your thesis seems unclear, or leaves some further questions, instead of answering the one stated, you should probably continue working on your thesis. If it misses the focus or if it is weakly related to the topic – be sure – you do not have a thesis statement at all. Make sure, that your thesis statement is supported by your whole text, and you do not contradict your own words. And finally – never choose a statement, that would not be opposed or disputed, as such an essay is a weak summary and not an academic argument at all.

Thus, be precise, be clear, be coherent and laconic in your thesis statement, and it will be a strong foundation for your whole essay.

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