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When I Know They Are Lying to Me

I often feel embarrassed and the reason is not the fact that I do something stupid. On the contrary, I try to be sensible and understanding, but the problem is that I know when people are lying to me. I often wish I would not, but I do. I can never explain how it works: it is some gut instinct and it is triggered when somebody is trying to tell me tall tales. My anti-liar system detects phoney and a huge red bulb together with the wailing alarm sound goes in my head “Lie! Lie! Lie!”

It has been a problem for me for many years and I have learnt it the hard way that if you do not behave in a proper way, you can suffer from a communication breakdown. Here are the methods I use when I know people are lying to me.

  • Evaluate the lie: if it cannot affect you, take it as a figure of speech, an artistic method and oratory means like a hyperbole. If you feel that the lie can either influence your life, or it irritates you, thus increasing the stress level, go to the next stage.
  • In case the lie is aggressive, do not try to argue and make the liar confess it has all been made up. Vice versa, try to pretend you believe every single word, as this is something that the liar wants.
  • Finally, if the previous method does not work, use the most lethal weapon. Phoney the liar up! Say the most extraordinary and strange things; lie a lot and about everything. The liar feels that you can be dangerous for his reputation and will leave you in peace.

These methods proved really effective for me, which is why I recommend trying them to everyone.

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