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When Mom Goes to Work

Very few women living in the modern society nowadays stay with their kids at home. A certain period of time passes and a mother can face a real dilemma of whether to return to work again or to give up a career and focus on her children completely. Very often pursuing a career is a necessity: a woman can be a single mother or her husband does not earn enough to provide for the family. In this case, making a choice in favor of the career can result in a painful guilt complex and in a very low self-esteem as a mother, both of which can be destructive for the personality of a working mother. So, how to fight this psychological problem and avoid a possible deep neurosis?

The easiest way is to always bear in mind that a happy mother means a happy baby. It has been proved scientifically that babies have a wonderful ability to detect the emotional state of the people around them. So, if a woman feels upset about going to work, the baby will feel it, get nervous and naughty and things will go from bad to worse. Remember that by going to work you do not do anything bad or cruel. You provide for your family and in this way you take care of your baby. Moreover, going to work can provide a wonderful opportunity for a change in the routine, which can be quite monotonous for a mother of a young child.

In case you are in such a situation, try to explain it to yourself, change your way of thinking, become positive and enjoy the time spent with your baby to the utmost. Remember, if you are happy and positive about something, your baby will be such as well.

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