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Work Cited Papers On Lowering Drinking Age

Lowering Drinking Age: Possible Advantages and Disadvantages

Since the time legal drinking age was raised to 21 in mid 1980s, the opinions on the benefits brought by this decision divided into two opposite groups. The first group considers this situation to be practically ridiculous, as it not only didn’t solve the problem with underage drinking, but also made the situation even worse, driving it underground and making it impossible to control the situation by officials and parents. The others say that without this restriction, the situation would have been even worse.

As for me, I support the first group. Here we see a perfect realization of the forbidden fruit principle: the more we make forbidden for people, the more it becomes tempting for them. In case of teenagers, it is even more evident, as they are more emotional and eager to behave in adult way. And what is a better way of adult behavior than drinking, especially if it is not allowed until 21?

Of course, some minors decide not to break the law and don’t engage in illegal drinking before they reach the legally established drinking age. But their quantity still doesn’t make up for the large number of underage people going in for extreme drinking, partaking in various drinking games that are aimed at one and only thing – getting drunk as fast as possible. What makes the situation worse, is that all of this is done behind closed doors and often ends up with heavy poisoning and other unpleasant results.

To sum up, lowering drinking age seems not a bad idea at all, if we take into account the fact that in this way situation will be better controlled and thousands of lives can be saved.

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