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Take your credit card and identity document

An identity document is any document that can authorize your personality, e.g. a driving license, passport, library card, student card, etc.

confidentiality guaranteed

Hide all the unnecessary information

All we need to see on your credit card is the last 4 digits (to compare them with the information from the payment processor), the Cardholder's name, the issuing bank and the type of the card; as for the ID, we require your full name only.

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Take a photo of the documents

Use your phone, camera or scanner.

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Send the pictures

Send the copies to our email or just upload your copies to your account on our website. You can also follow the link:

That's it. Your payment is now authorized!

It’s a common practice. This type of payment authorization is also used by:

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In order to establish yourself as the actual cardholder and the rightful owner of an account at, we may require you to validate the information you are submitting to our website. This is a necessary step used by many online services. This step helps to safeguard the buyer's personal information and payment against fraud or identity theft. We do everything we can to minimize the possibility of financial crime and to protect the data of our customers from unauthorized use.
Authorizing your account gives you more protection and is strongly encouraged. The staff of will also give your requests extra attention. There is no need to worry about your confidentiality – all the personal information with which you provide us is visible only to you and a representative of our Risk Department. It is not stored or shared with third parties.
We will need just two documents – a picture of your credit card used for the order payment and a scanned image of any document that can confirm your identity, such as a passport, a student identity card, a library card, a driving license, etc. An ID with your full name, a photo, birth date, address, and citizenship status will work, although we do not need all of this.
We need to see the following details: the last four digits of your credit card, the card's type and the issuing bank, and your full name on it. You can cover all the other details, including the card number as well as the CVV code and the expiry date.
Your full name is what we are looking for. You can cover or blackout all the other details as they are irrelevant to us.
We will match the data with the details of your transaction from the payment processor. Afterwards, we will delete the provided document copies permanently.
The basic information of any transaction is always shared with us by the payment processor. This information includes the last 4 digits of the credit card, the card's type and issuing bank, your full name, the cardholder's billing address and their current residence.
Our Risk Department makes sure that the billing information from the payment processor matches the details on the copies of the credit card and your ID. In most cases, this should be enough to confirm the payment validity.
This can be allowed, but we have to be sure that the cardholder is aware of the fact that transactions are taking place on our website. This can be ensured by authorization. For that, the owner of the card will be required to provide copies of the documents mentioned above. In this case, phone authorization might also be necessary.
The authorization process is necessary for the cardholder's financial safety. We can see the requested information anyway and just need to make sure that the card owner has access to his personal information and that he/she is aware of any transactions on our website. In case of suspicious activity, we may contact authorities to get the stolen credit card blocked.
Your personal information will remain absolutely safe with us. It will only be seen by a representative of the Risk Department and will be deleted permanently. We guarantee that we will not disclose your details to any third parties because your safety and complete confidentiality are our TOP priorities.
Online sales and purchases are always risky because of the wide-spread identity theft and the credit card-not-present fraud. We try to eliminate these risks. If you have noticed any strange activity regarding your credit card or your account at, you can always contact our Risk Department to help us catch the bad guys.
Just see the tutorial on top of the page. The process is simple, and you can email, upload the documents to us.
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